Monday, January 30, 2012

Way To Go Dad!

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  1. hahaha Love it!
    But they have a maid to make their beds?
    Lazy bastards!

  2. fisting

  3. Temper mental? Fucking idiots.

  4. @Christopherlovet, “Petting the Puppy”.

  5. her dad has a robust interest in her menstrual cycle.

  6. pwned!

  7. @fuckingadude – who cares that her dad used the term “temper mental?” what are you, some sort of grammar cono sur?

  8. watch out. looks like merle has a mental temper.


    i beat ya to the bunch

  10. What this guy lacks in intelligence he makes up for in hilariousness

  11. Ha! Cono Sur… well plaid.

  12. and he likes her drunk with lots of makeup

  13. Paranoid Android72

    Daddy is a fucktard with the grammatical skills of a stoned baboonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!111!!oneoneone!!exclamation mark!!1one.

  14. Daddy sure knows how to bring up a girl to be a self-sufficient, hardworking member of society.

  15. I actually think he coined a great new phrase – temper mental. When you lose your temper and go mental. Nice

  16. ^CUNT.

  17. Roisin?

  18. Giath?

  19. they should just get married already.

  20. Obviously from Arkansas. Fucking hillbillies.

  21. i knew a Roisin. It’s an Irish name and is pronounced ‘Ra-sheen’.
    So if they were from Arkansas, it would probably be spelt ‘Rasheen’.

  22. ^If they were from Arkansas, it would be spelt “Bubba” or “Junior”.

  23. Like Freddy2 for example. He’s super temper mental

  24. beatus, do they name the girl children too?

  25. I have no idea what they call the girls, but I’ve heard you can’t tell the boys and girls apart anyway. They all have the same amount of fat, boobs, and hair.

  26. ^gah. And I think they all read this site and I appear to have upset the fucking lot.

  27. Sorry MsAnne, RO-sheen. Teach the weans right.

  28. ^ausfailian accent, dear.
    Imagine it drawled through the nose after drinking 24 tins of full-strength beer. For breakfast.

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