Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wins

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  1. So we know Kimberly likes Life cereal.

  2. a friend of mine got her face smashed in a car wreck. she wears dentures now, and she’s not elderly.
    so fuck off ziffer with your weak attempt at fiction. I’m not going to even mention how weird your name is. there are other people here that do that.

  3. I know it’s a thing and it’s meant to be satirical but I just want to punch Kimberly in the face for that crap.
    And ziffer, for having the name ziffer.
    And the chick in those photos, for thinking anyone cares that she doesn’t care.

  4. The chick is fake.

  5. I fucked Kimberly.

  6. Whet the hell is a Ziffer?

  7. Ok, 9, since you “fucked” her, be a chap and tell us exactly how much fucking “milk” she likes. I think we know her better than she thinks. 5 out of 6 is pretty good! Once we figure out how much cereal she wants we can make this bitch breakfast!

  8. wednesday FAIL.

  9. ^ Fail.

    No teeth, huh? Hmm, interesting…

  10. Am I the only one to notice that kimberleys Facebook language seems to be pirate?! I want that!

  11. ^ No. Just no one else cared. Except for maybe one guy who comments regularly here and probably already has that shit.

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