Monday, July 23, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Is it just me or does Camilo look like he bats for a different team.

  2. WalMart is fake

  3. Camilo’s response was good. Hopefully it was real, unlike whatever Toonces1000 will say. I hate when punks want to act all tough in front of their friends. It’s always fun to put them in their place.

  4. must HAVE picked up the wrong shirt

  5. I wonder if Camilo almost got his ass handed to him by a 12 year old.

  6. …and yet Camilo, at the end of the day:

    a) has a wanker name
    b) shops at Walmart
    c) goes out in public accidentally/deliberately in chick’s clothes.

    And by “almost got in a fight” I assume you mean “I almost swung back, yet, from my puddle of blood on the floor, I thought of a really cool come back”

  7. He deserves to be badly injured for saying ‘must of’. I hope that’s what happened.

  8. Camilo deserves a nice cold corona and a nice thick cigar. If I was in front of those little shits, and they said that to me, I would be whipping out my magic cards and asking for a duel. No little kid will diss me and simply walk off. He would have to face me, cards or not. For little punks to playing around Walmart likes it’s their playground is just not acceptable. We adults have some shopping to do. I have a family, a dog, and a mortgage. Walmart is a reliable source for products and dissing a v neck is not polite. Maybe Camilo is less fortunate. Maybe he had a reason to fuck some bitches. Who knows? It doesn’t matter. These little twirps are arse holes, and I want to find them, have a little sit down, and have a nice battle of magic. Good day.

  9. I prefer to slap people with my enchanted cock , but, to each his own, I guess…I would just rather degrade someone in public for their mistakes than play cards and advertise my wizard status. It gets me hard…or at the very least gives me a semi, but, I can work with that, too.

  10. more quality quips from hank “tolstoy” felthan…keep it coming “war and peace”

  11. Hank, you don’t have to go to Walmart to make the magic happen with underage arse holes.

  12. Camilo can fit that dude’s sister’s shirt? Wow, good burn, Camilo.

    Also, you have committed one of my biggest pet peeves in the destruction of the English language (already pointed out by gonzo) – “must of.” FUCK. YOU. It’s “must have.” I sincerely hate the day you were born. I bet you say “irregardless,” too?

  13. really? all this bullshit over the shape of the neckhole in some dude’s shirt?

  14. Anne, it’s THAT important.

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