Monday, February 14, 2011

Week Starting Wins

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  1. I got nothing. These are kinda lame, even though Aaron has some awesome friends.

  2. Terry Pratchett is awesome. Austin writes like a 4 year old with cerebral palsy.

  3. Lys, STFU. If you want to do that, then do it. No one needs to know your dumbass plans.

    Matt, why would you kill her just because you could, you fucking psychopath. Helen Keller jokes are lame anyway. Oh she’s deaf and can’t see and can’t speak! How many jokes can we make of that? Turns out not too many because they’re all the friggin’ same.

    scottydug, I think that means the city of Austin, as in, this is what bathroom graffiti looks like in Austin at the half-price bookstore. I could be mistaken… And I had a friend in elementary school with CP and his handwriting was okay. No worse than mine, anyway, though mine is admittedly pretty bad.

  4. I could use a question mark in that last comment.

  5. Not bad.

  6. How many people are going to steal the first one before we can stop seeing it on every joke site on the internet?

  7. I personally believe that Terry Pratchett is a badass.

  8. scottydug you haven’t seen my handwriting yet if you think that’s bad (except I don’t randomly put in capitals). I never learnt fine penmanship thanks to computers… that’s my excuse!

    back to the posts…

    No. I got nothing.

  9. By Jingo, let’s not dump on Sir Terry. Nac Mac Feegle wha hae!

  10. #3: it’s always amusing to see people get indignant over things they interpret wrong. to “Ice” someone doesn’t mean to kill them. Unless you are a white gangster who secretly wishes they were black in 1987.

  11. Hm, I was black in 1987, so you might be at least partially on to something there. What does “ice” mean in this context then, please? A simple explanation might have been more useful than the comment you did choose to leave.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Doesn’t “To ice” mean to surprise someone with a shitty bottle of Smirnoff Ice and they have to drink it no matter what

    (P.s ALL bottles of Smirnoff Ice are shitty)

  13. if you ice someone, you stealthily present them with a smirnoff ice. they must then chug it while on one knee.

    if ice-ing each other is popular with your friends, you’re always on the lookout for it, hence the comedy of the helen keller joke.

  14. Is that true? That’s kind of a weird thing to make a “thing” of… You white people and your drinking games. I’m gonna stick with being black in 1987.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m black but I’m cool with that game as long as you replace the Smirnoff with beer. I’m always up for free beer.

  16. I don’t get the terry pratchett one. someone explain it to me. or is it just that that sentence (written almost the same way twice) is just stupid?

  17. @16,
    The joke is that trash talk about authors is just the sort of graffiti we’d expect in a bookstore bathroom. Like seeing “Monet sucks” in the loo at the Louvre.

  18. Don’t lie, Dukey. You like Zima.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lametothemin sorry I was born in the 80s I don’t know what Zima is.

  20. I was born in the 80s. Are you my twin? Wikipedia says it was introduced in 1993 anyway. Tell your male friends you love it. They’ll think you’re really cool. I promise.

  21. If I could go back in time i’d fuck a monkey and give it AIDS and then force an innocent tribal monkey hunter to fuck it in turn…… oh wait.

  22. I must spend too much time with the wrong crowd.
    I just assumed “to ice” was the same as to cream someone, just sounding yummier
    And who better to ice in the face by surprise…
    Makes me hungry

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