Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We’ve Got A Problem…

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  1. Ben!

    WTH is a lightning bug? Firefly?

  2. Lightning bug = firefly. When they’re larvae, they’re called glowworms.

    Let’s hunt these people down and brutally murder them before they breed.

  3. We southern girls call fireflies “lightning bugs,” pronounced “lahtnin’ buuugs.” Also in the south, illiterate dumbasses like Brittany can’t spell lightning.

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    And the Southern girls with the way they talk they knock me out when I’m down there.

  5. Fuck the way them southern girls talk dawg,I still want them girls go downsouth on me.

  6. Well, vaginalroundhouse and yodawg, y’all should come on down for a visit. Southern girls will keep you happy! If you don’t care for the accent, just keep our mouths full! 😉

  7. Try this Southern girl out…due to being around many different accents growing up, I think that confused my brain, and made it say fuck it” in the way of choosing an accent….I pretty much have little to no Southern accent. Instead I sound like a stereotypical whitey. -_-

  8. I’m from Texas and everyone tells me I have little to no accent as well. My bf is from NY, and the only way ppl know I’m southern is the way I say ma’am and yall. LoL, although I must say we southern girls (the one’s who aren’t illiterate hillbilly dumbasses) do know how to do it right. We treat our men well, cook well, and know how to have fun. If you’re lucky, you can get an intelligent and sexy one like me too. LoL.

  9. Anyone who uses hash tags on Facebook needs to die.

  10. #idontcare

  11. I always love the ones where girls make not-so-funny jokes dissing guys, and some dude always turns around and burns them way harder… silly girls. 🙂

  12. what! oh woops, I meant that comment for the post above this… >_<

  13. The person who quoted the Beach Boys. I love you.

  14. I will eat their children

  15. I feel so intelligent right now…*happy sigh*

    …right back to shredding paper all day at work.

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