Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Just Happened?

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  1. I don’t think that kitten cub jr is gowing to have a very good life with these two raising him/her.

  2. Holy fucktard, Batman. I just hemorrhaged in my brain.

  3. That’s 50 shades of dumb right there.

  4. I hope the never breed

  5. I seriously don’t understand whats happening in the post at all… Should I feel dumb?

  6. ^ No. All I understood is that Bridget is pregnant, she cheats online with a bunch of dudes and denies it when she gets caught, Willie is funny, and Willie is “gowing home,” whatever that means.

  7. Kitten cub? Did I miss something?

  8. Fake.

  9. How’s your little theory looking now, Mr. Darwin?

  10. Ohhh boy…just so you guys don’t go thinking he spelled engaged wrong…

    ingaged 1) A proposal to marry between blood relatives 2) Preamble to inbreeding.

  11. Glad to have just learned something new… Thanks, Cap’n.

  12. hannibal-lecture

    they sound like rubes. unscrubbed, lazy rubes, with no taste and no class.

  13. When reading Willie’s comments, let the voice in your head be that of Cletus the redneck.

  14. bridet from the toilet‘ actually managed to spell her name wrong. unless there is some tie-in here with the grueling costs of toilet paper, and she is actually employed as a bidet.

    bit of a stretch, I know. but fuck it.

  15. she certainly put the idget in bridget.

  16. ‘bride’ (‘coz she gettin’ marr’ed)+ ‘bidet’ + ‘bridget’.


    she’s actually a fucking literary genius o_0

  17. ^you’re like those people that think the image of Jesus has appeared to them on their toast.

  18. ^it was his mum on the toast :/

    jebus is in water stain on my ceiling 😀

  19. your mum on the toast

  20. yeah. good one, franky.

  21. Any bitch that can’t spell their own name should have her ovaries ripped out

  22. their*

  23. ^does it need to even be said?

  24. @stfu69… – I’ll just do the whole thing for you:
    “Any bitch that can’t spell HER own name should have HER ovaries ripped out.”

  25. I was referring to stfu failing, miserably, to stfu.
    and he should be throttled with his own vas deferens.

  26. Wouldn’t be surprised if the inbred bitch had the baby right there on the toilet one day, like so many dumb cunts on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”

  27. ^I saw your mother on that show. I remember her because everyone, even the cameraman, was telling her to just flush you.

  28. ^thanks for the laugh, Ms., I needed it..

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