Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When the husbands away…

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  1. How lazy do you have to be to keep a dirty kitchen? die in a fire!

  2. Fire inside your house? Make sure you take a picture before putting it out.

  3. Relax, it’s a self-cleaning oven.

  4. Just turn it off and close the oven door. The fire will suffocate.

  5. ^ that’s too easy. She’s should grab the hose from outside, turn it on full, spray the whole kitchen so it doesn’t spread any further, then spray the oil fire..

  6. ^I’d stop up the kitchen sink and turn the water on full blast and wait for the flood to put it out.

  7. She’s waiting for God to put it out for her. Lazy bitch.

  8. wow, i didn’t know so many people liked dirty kitchens

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  10. Yes, leave this little detail out by posting it on Facebook so everybody and perhaps your husband can see and mock you for your sheer stupidity.

    How the fuck did you make an accident in there?!

  11. I’m sure she is mighty high on God’s list of priorities. No doubt he looks at the planet and says “hmmmm lets see here Michael take a note: 1 there’s some bitch who can’t use an oven without lighting it on fire; 2 There’s a whole bunch of brown people who haven’t heard of me that are starving so they need smiting; 3 there’s some rapper praying for a Grammy that’s fairly important; 4 there’s a whole team praying to win the world series. That should do it for today Michael wouldn’t want to tax myself.”.

  12. Is this the oven of the idiot that tried to cremate her dog?

  13. ^Exactly what I was thinking, these posts are too close together to be a coincidence

  14. Looks too small for a dog.
    Unless it was a puppy of a small dog.

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