Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wild Ones

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  1. First – score!
    I’ve never seen nutella in the 24 hour adult stores I frequent. WTF is it?

  2. Second – no points.

    It’s a chocolate spread, very common in Europe. And yummy.

  3. I need to get me some Nutella!

  4. yeah Nutellas THAT good!….incidently, the McRib is pretty good too. Christ I’m hungry all of the sudden.

  5. Ouch Tara. But funny.

  6. Funny black joke is funny.

  7. I hope the rest of Tara’s friends ridicule her for lame humour and prejudice. Plus she needs a lesson on the female anatomy.

  8. A week of drug use has not made lamebook funnier. And god knows I needed it. Still I shall persevere.
    Going back to masturbating with my xbox in the meantime

  9. Kate should get royalties for that Nutella description.

  10. So lamebook now thinks crude racist jokes are worthy of inclusion does it?

  11. @rupert: Tara’s probably black herself..

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    wandr, careful those things have some sharp edges.

  13. @marlasanchez: Most people on LameBook are not retarded enough to visit your lame-ass site. Keep trolling, peasant, you’re just hurting your fingers.

  14. FlonkertonChamp

    kate speaks the truth. nutella is as close to a religious experience as i’ve ever gotten.

  15. Kate talks like a man. . .

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