Thursday, September 1, 2011


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  1. These aren’t worth the effort…

  2. Brenda, um… that’s a Schnorkie. Dumbass.

  3. Schnorkie is not only correct, it’s more fun to say.

  4. “who died three times” – I’d listen to her advice 😀

  5. Why do so many people view Marilyn Monroe as a role model?

    “If I work hard, I can be a slut with issues, too.”

  6. I agree with Crane. Girls should find role models for how to be a slut without issues.

  7. Good point. Can’t girls read? Or watch the History channel?
    Girls find it funny and cool to dress up like strippers on Halloween and wonder why dudes put dollar bills in their underwear instead of phone calls for job interviews.

    And, yes, “Schnorkie” is the correct, best way to say it. Let what’s-her-fat-face slither into chubby, cancerous obscurity.

  8. vaginalroundhouse

    Girls should not be allowed to read, only to make sammiches. Imagine having a woman president. A few days each month we are going to be starting a war with a different country.

  9. @vaginalroundhouse Thank you for your completely original comment! It is very insightful, you must be in what… 8th grade?

  10. So you think girls need to go around dressed in sober business attire 24/7 to be taken seriously?
    Women and men alike should be free to skank it up and still be taken seriously. Men do it all the time.

  11. Yeah, you goddamn skanks

  12. @physicist; I think men and women alike should not be allowed to skank it up. I can’t take anyone seriously who does. That’s just me, though.

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