Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wins All Around

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  1. Boner.

  2. Clitoris.

  3. Furries. Rawr.

    Also, the third one is hardly a win. It fits more into the category of a yawn. Typing yawn made me want to yawn.

  4. Yawn.

    Heh. Yeah. Interesting.

  5. Liz is a bit of a bitch. But well done Christie, well done. Might have to look into that dancing on a balance beam thing.

  6. Someone called the Greg Giraldo jokes starting in an earlier post. Sadly they were right, even sadder this was the best they had.

  7. tom’s pseudo sarcastic joke epitomises why i’m not on facebook – instead, in an act of meta-referential irony, i comment on a site which comments on facebook comments.

  8. Damn it Junebug…. making me yawn, I’m gonna report you for yawn harassment!!

    Well if I do something SLIGHTLY illegal (eg, smuggle 800 pounds of cocaine in the country)and not get caught when by all means it did not happen… but if I posted it on facebook then everyone on my friends list would think that its just me going on a disillusioned rant… so to me it don’t matter if I share it on facebook, so I don’t care.

  9. @Hobo and casshern It’s like a virus, ain’t it?

  10. @7. alordslums: i just created an account so i could comment on your comments comment… i also do not have facebook for the same reason, and instead have chosen lamebook to further perpetuate my satisfaction in not being a facebook user. cheers!

  11. Gosh guys, you’ve just made me yawn a gazillion times.

    83 and alord I can’t relate. I’m a Facebook fan 4 years strong. It’s pretty handy when you’re away from friends and family for a long period of time because I don’t need to be updated on news like whose married, etc. I’m just a little conceited, I’m happy with the number of people I have so I’ve blocked my account.

  12. Earlier today I was at my desk eating a brat and yellow mustard sandwich and updating my facebook and my boss walks by and he say “hello Walter I didn’t know you were on facebook” and I was like “yeah how else would I share my collection of photos of dead bugs with all my acquaintances?” and he was like “I’ll look you up” and I was like “don’t bother I use an alias and you will never find me” and he was like “I can see your facebook email address right there” and I was like “I won’t accept it” and he was like “well I’ll add you anyway” now he just yelled at me because he recognised items from his drawer in one of my photos not my fault he has dead roaches and ants and stuff in his drawer stop looking at facebook when you’re supposed to be working dickhead

  13. yawn dammit thats annoying even reading it makes me yawn

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yeah, I called the Greg Giraldo jokes. The guy was cool cool though, he had great material. Too bad this crap joke is the first thing I get to see on Lamebook today. I’m taking moment of silence.

  15. Tom & Mike’s is just weird. Not sure if Mike is the control freak pants-wearer in their gay relationship or if they’re just being stupid. At any rate, these are severely weak. LAMEbook indeed.

  16. I’ve noticed if you type ‘shit’ then suddenly all the submissions become shit. Oh golly.

  17. I know this has nothing to do with anything, but today is my birthday.:D So I guess you guys won’t be hearing from me till Sunday.

  18. Have a great birthday Ms Bug, rest assured you won’t be missing much on your hiatus from lamebook aside from the usual ‘These are so lame’ posts and some random argument.

  19. Yes happy birthday junebug I have 8 of you.

  20. Happy birthday junebug.

    We were going to get you something better than a bunch of boring and repetitive Lamebook posts, but apparently we’re lazy retards.

  21. Happy Birthday Junie!

  22. @Saffer,

    I’m actually with alordslums and 83. I think that some people, instead of enjoying a moment, they need to share it in Facebook so it’s “real”. What Tom says is exactly why I don’t need to be on Facebook.

    About what you say, I also live far away from friends and family and I totally refuse to use Facebook. If I need to know something, they can call or send a mail. If someone gets married and I’m not told it’s because they don’t care about telling me, so Facebook just puts a fake feeling around it.
    I think it’s very interesting that from my group of friends (7 people, known them for 10 years now) I only have regular contact with one. I have tried to have bit more contact with the rest, but, they didn’t bother. It has been great to show who is really a friend and who can’t bother to write a mail to ask things or whatever.

    I also take care with the information I share with people. I dislike people asking me what I have done or whatever. “I was out” “Where and with who?” “…”

  23. vabadus I understand, messages are more personal and meaningful. My famriends are 9 hours ahead of me, so calling and skyping requires planning but we do every now and again. I think that Facebook has the “small things” advantage: like hearing about what happened during someone’s day, things you’d know if you were there in person, but wouldn’t know if they sent you an “update” e-mail because it wouldn’t be relevant to add it. I still feel present even though I’m not physically there.

    I don’t care to add people from high-school, colleagues, somebody’s mom’s neighbour’s gynae etc. I’ve chopped down my friend list to about 60 people and blocked my account from being found. My rule: if it would be awkward/strange to text you then we’re not friends! 🙂

  24. I understand your point as well. I’d say that the difference between you and me here is that you want to feel like you are there, knowing about your family and friends, missing them and so on, while I don’t miss them in a bit and I care very little about their daily stuff…

  25. I know full well you won’t see this for a couple days, but happy birthday June!

  26. I love Christie.
    It really pisses me off when people ask why my partner and i aren’t married.
    I’m going to use that one.

    Happy Birthday Junebug.

  27. First one is from How I Met Your Mother. Lily actually says, “What did they make you call tropical storm Heather when it was raining cats and dogs?” and Robin answers, “A furricane.”

    I mean, I know people make these jokes in reference to TV – I do it all the time. But it’s not Lamebook worthy…

  28. I cum rainbows so hard, I make Skittles jealous.

  29. Made me wanna press Ctrl+W

  30. Fuck you whathappened.

  31. Thanks for ze birthday wishes kids. I’m back earlier than I expected, seeing as my Saturday night plans didn’t pan out.

  32. Oh! It’s your birthday, june? o.O I haven’t been on LB in days. Happy birthday, or belated if it is such. Sorry.

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