Friday, September 9, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. There’s no crying in FIRST!!!!

  2. Steven is not going to be happy with you

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    ^^Who cares? Steven can suck me and yell out STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEERRRR when I shoot my load in his mouth.

  4. Good point


  6. ‘face down, ass up …’

    Reminds me of a stripper I saw dance to that tune at the Blackhawk in Richmond Hill before it closed. I proposed, as I always do in strip joints .. she declined though.

    I like remembering strippers ‘K.

  7. What’s wrong with working at build-a-bear?

  8. I’d also like to know what’s wrong with working at build-a-bear.
    it is SUCH a fun job, and good for while in uni.

  9. Well Kerri is 34 and she has a degree in accountancy, so she isn’t really utilising her skills.

  10. coffeeandchocolate

    *Accounting *utilizing

  11. Fair call, American.

  12. *Fuck *off

  13. The Hitler one did make me laugh

  14. what the fuck is build a bear?

  15. Coffe and Chocolate, you got owned old chum. Well done Walter chap. That was tremendous fun reading your witty come back.

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