Friday, August 5, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  2. Shh Stever the almighty lamebookers obviously dont wan’t seeing comment like that. They might attack you anytime soon so i better get the fuck outta here.


  3. My dad has always said that he’d love to have a pair of shoes made out of vaginas. He’s not a dirty old man (he is), he just reckons that they would never wear out.

  4. ACtually, Rachel has a good point there.,. in portuguese, Gaga = Stutterer. (female) .. so yeah, she does sound like she stutters! xD

  5. In Philippines’ language Gaga actually means crazy girl,or stupid girl. I’m not making this up. That makes sense too.

  6. sorry to say but Twilight and Harry butthole pussy Potter are both really, really, yes really gay.

  7. One is a lot gayer than the other, slappysquirrel. A LOT

  8. What’s so surprising about a new pair of jeans still fitting. If you bought them to fit, you’d assume that they fit.

  9. ^^^ Good point. If the ability to buy jeans that fit makes you a winner, I think it’s time to raise the bar a little.

  10. no dude, they are just both really gay. like, be ashamed of yourself if you watch that crap

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    Shouldn’t that be he-who-shall-not-be-named?

  12. Not anymore. They stopped calling him that when they realized that they have to call him Voldemort sooner or later.

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