Friday, June 15, 2012

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. The average hipster is fake, but Jesus is real

  2. What? Sardines are awesome.

  3. In the butt.

  4. Gavin must be “Terminated”

  5. So, that’s not how you eat tic tacs?

  6. I like the last one. Good stuff 🙂

  7. I fucked zombie Jesus’s mom.

  8. Dear 9. I have never hoped there was a God as much as I do now.

  9. Dear teeko. I fucked your mom. She’s fat.

  10. The only person that 9 should be fucking is himself.

  11. 9 isn’t a girl?

  12. 9 is a fag

  13. “zombie jesus” do two fakes make a real? T1000?

  14. Correct, frankenstein.

  15. You are obviously a logical specimen, T1000.. So.. I put to you this conundrum…

    I didn’t mind you, you are easy to ignore and you ocasionally do post something worth reading.

    How do we get rid of the rest of the other bullshit rubbish that seems to have followed you here? (because I do blame you for it.. they are friends of yours IRL, yes?)

  16. I find it’s better having shit friends than no friends at all franky.

  17. Thank you, Crusty, for completely missing the point.

    I don’t give a flying fuck who your friends are or what they’re like. I just want to keep dull, toe-sucking morons from posting on this website.

  18. I could give you the point of my dick to ponder over if you like? That would be unmissable. I bet you give good head.

  19. Frankenstein, incorrect. I do not know these wannabe Terminators. They are fake.

  20. my friend’s step-aunt makes $82/hour on the computer. She has been unemployed for five months but last month her pay check was $13071 just working on the computer for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more CashLazy.*com
    remove the *

  21. My stepdad-in-law’s second cousin make forty bragillion dollars per hour on a Tandy computer not even hooked up to the Interwebs. She plays Oregon Trail and Math Blaster professionally. The “sport” pays remarkably well. Find out more at changherbertsuckspenis&.com, remove the &.

  22. I think crustylovelips just totally proved Frankenstein’s point, even though he was too simple to understand it in the first place. too many boring gimmick posters like him and MsAnThrope. Probably the same sad little geek as well.

  23. @captaincaveman – do not take my wife’s name in vain you asshat. That said crustylovelips is a fucking embar twat, and a virgin.

  24. btw – Im more of a philanthropist, but I fucking hate most people, especially idiots.

  25. ^so you hate yourself?
    what a fucking coincidence. I, also, hate you. fuck off.

  26. LOL @MrAnneThrope

  27. Hopefully, T1000 will act sooner rather than later on the Thropes.

  28. Mrannethrope is fake.

  29. T1000 is really a human.

  30. ^ and you both are tools. the end.

  31. ^seconded. motion carried.

  32. WAIT!!

    This thread needs just one more word in order to be considered “complete.”

    That word is: “epididymis”

    Now the thread is complete.

  33. I love you

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