Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wonderful One-Liners

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  1. Amanda’s friends can name over a hundred Harry Potter characters?

  2. It woudn’t be too much of a stretch. The Weasley family alone would probably cover it.

  3. Erik’s and Amanda’s are gold.

  4. Too bad Amanda’s status is a copy pasta from My Life Is Average. Good show, otherwise.

  5. I agree with cafink…no way

  6. I agree with nightturntable. I saw this on Mlia a few weeks ago. Thats why it starts with today…. -.-

  7. Was just gonna say the same thing, nightturntable. That site got really terrible, btw.

  8. I am NOT the product of a broken condom. I am, however, the product of wrong hole anal sex. Or so my mum tells me.

  9. I take this as a personal challenge (spelling is not my strog point) :
    1 harry
    2 ron
    3 hermione
    4 draco
    5 fred
    6 george
    7 percy
    8 ginny
    9 mrs weasley
    10 mr weasley
    11 bill
    12 charlie
    13 auntie muriel
    14 cho chang
    15 cedric diggory
    16 fleur
    17 viktor krum
    18 madame maxine
    19 karkaroff
    20 amos diggory
    21 luna lovegood
    22 xenious lovegood
    23 angelina johnson
    24 katie spinnet
    25 alicia
    26 oliver wood
    27 lily evans
    28 sirius black
    29 lupin
    30 tonks
    31 james potter
    32 lucius malfoy
    33 narcissa malfoy
    34 belletrix lastrange
    35 peter pettigrew
    36 ollivander
    37 dobby
    38 winky
    39 dumbledore
    40 snape
    41 mcgonagall
    42 flitwick
    43 bane
    44 firenze
    45 trawlany
    46 professor dippet
    47 sprout
    48 hagrid
    49 grawp
    50 professor binns
    51 nearly headless nick
    52 the grey lady
    53 the fat lady
    54 the bloddy baron
    55 peeves
    56 filch
    57 mrs norris
    58 crockshanks
    59 fenir greyback
    60 the fat friar
    61 pigwigeon
    62 hegwig
    63 scabbers
    64 neville
    65 trevor
    66 hannah abbott
    67 amelia bones
    68 susan bones
    69 padma patil
    70 CRAP
    71 umbridge
    72 fudge
    73 mundungus fletcher
    74 mad eyed moody
    75 barty crouch
    76 barty crouch jr
    77 ludo bagman
    78 griphook
    79 lockhart
    80 quirell
    81 slughorn
    82 colin creevy
    83 crabbe
    84 goyle
    85 pansy parkinson
    86 zabini
    87 mclaggen
    88 dean thomas
    89 seamus finaggin
    90 lavendar brown
    91 professor victor
    92 mrs figg
    93 dudley
    94 petunia
    95 vernon
    96 aunt madge
    97 rosemerta
    98 bode
    99 nagini
    100 voldemort

    ….give me a break. it’s summer and i like harry potter

  10. Umm…


  11. @emmalee256

    Wow. I am actually impressed. You have brought geekery to a whole new plane of existence. Someone of your caliber definitely belongs with us in the Lamebook community.

  12. the 70 crap one means i forgot her name. but its pavarti patil.

    and yes really

  13. #9, you could’ve at least listed them across the page, as opposed to down the page. Much more environmentally friendly.

  14. thnx for the list, is an excellent idea! and now I have the names… now to just get hold of my boss’ phone Bwuahahahahaaaa

  15. And Voldemort comes in at #100?

  16. bad guys always finish last 😉

  17. which is probably why the hawt chicks prefer the bad guys too…

  18. soo… that makes harry a premature ejaculator?

  19. or a gewd guy… for those who weren’t reading between the lines :}

  20. duke, I’m with you on all your comments.

  21. @emmalee256

    you forgot Buckbeak. =)

  22. Ewww… I had to Google “bukkake”… YUK!! lol!

    @nightturntable… I love the idea of “copy pasta”… !!

  23. anybody taken the 200 harry potter characters quiz on sporcle? its crazy. Also, keenans joke is nothing new. If he lives in Canada it’s very likely he Paul Lemieux use it on MTV live last week or something and Paul got it of a one liners site

  24. If Harry were a premature Peter, couldn’t he use a spell to hold out or something? No Expellium Spoogis…

  25. MsBuzzkillington

    Joseph almost had it, until he took a screen shot 47 seconds after posting it. Then he submitted it and got on lamebook. That is lame indeed.

    Regardless of where it’s from… Amanda’s post fails because it takes about 2 seconds to send a text saying, “hey, who is this? My contacts got all messed up.” or “someone changed all the names in my contacts list, aah! Who is this? Sorry!”

    texting for 4 hours and not asking who it is or figuring it out on your own? I don’t buy it.

  26. My dictionary’s broken. The definition of “wonderful” is way off.

  27. I’m actually the product of my father being under the false impression that my mother was still on the pill. So…apologies to his naiveté.

  28. Wow igotyourfarkus, that just happened to someone I know. What a coincidence.

    #70 on the list made me laugh, I actually thought someone was named CRAP for a minute there… Which makes me wonder… Emmalee256, did you just accomplish that off the top of your head?

  29. @samneric i got 109

  30. yeah i did

  31. i like Joseph’s comment XD

  32. i’m sorry, there is a general understanding on here that we’re all geeks; i’m a geek!


    100 harry potter characters? seriously?


  33. emmalee256, I’m impressed. A coworker of mine and I did something similar to pass the time at work. I think she was around 150 and mine was somewhere around 130, so you aren’t alone in the geekiness.

    now I need to take that quiz that was mentioned…

  34. bollywood_rocks83

    I LOLed at comment 2. Lay off Ron-ron and his family 🙂

    Emmalee, I am impressed. I can name all the spells but can’t come up with these many names.

  35. Nicely done, 100 names within an hour of the post going up! That’s almost as many names as can fit in Hermione’s Giant Magic Bag.

    Note to self: Hermione’s Giant Magic Bag is also a good name for the inevitable Harry Potter porn movie.


  37. :’-(

  38. Keenan if I look closely at my Birth Certificate i see eight names in the Father of Child section, what does this mean?

    Erik my life is like bukkake right now too. I have some cum on my chin and forehead.

  39. notacarnamedkitt

    I’m impressed! But can you really count Peter Pettigrew and Scabbers separately?

  40. emmalee256 – I salute you, fellow geek.

  41. @emaliee awesome! you are my hero. Especially for reeling them all off the top of your head. That takes true talent.

  42. As a devoted Harry Potter fan NOT impressed by that list.VERY BAD spelling. A true Harry Potter fan would know how to spell the names!

  43. Um… Hate to bust your bubble ksleeve, but the spelling according to the american version is not wrong. The spellings, with the exception that all the names were lower case, were correct.

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