Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonderful Wins!

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  1. Where is steeeeeeeeveeeeeeerrrrr when we need him? Somebody’s gotta get this party started.

  2. Must be a slow day at lamebook.

  3. Dont you worry Laugh Out Loud!
    I am here to save the day!

  4. James sucks. Stop friending them in the first place

  5. hootie the blowfish

    People who announce that they’re “defriending” people are invariably total fucking losers. Many of us remove friends from time to time. Telling everyone you’re so cool that you can just afford to delete friends at your whim doesn’t make it true.

  6. @5
    I would comment more on this site but I just have so many friends I can afford to lose quite a few. Have I told you guys I’m doing some defriending on facebook? Yes, I know what you’re thinking “did I make the cut?” and the answer is no. No one made the cut. Except Imamofo, he has a special place in my heart <3.

  7. So did he defriend, and re-friend them just to tell them that?

  8. I enjoy the posts of steeeveer

  9. ‘Queer Eye for a Cave Guy’… Mammoth hide is sooooo last year sweetie! It’ssss all about the confidence!

    Thanks Jonjones I’ll save a special place for you too…. in my corpse filled freezer… only joking, it’s my mums’ freezer really.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That’s the first Bieber joke I have laughed at.

  11. I usually announce when I’m “defriending” people on my Facebook because I find it absolutely hilarious when people start like begging for their lives to stay! Most of the time I end up deleting those people that beg or give me reasons to keep them though as I see it as a sign of guilt :p

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