Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sounds Like A Winner

Sounds Like a Winner

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  1. Maybe he should learn to spell writing first. those tricky -ing words tend to come up often.

  2. So that’s how “G-Force” got made…

  3. total winner/douche.

  4. Cut him some slack– writeing is hard.

  5. He must not have been good enough for “According to Jim”.

  6. wow 12 pages, jeez that guys my fuckin hero.

  7. It’s the next Stephenie Meyer!

  8. hahaha,
    we have to get those twenty five cent romance novels somewhere…

  9. Stage right– enter Robert, writeing on a piece of paper.

    …this is going to be an epic screenplay.

  10. 12 pages? Sounds like a shitty commercial.

  11. Candy Blackmail

    And I bet he actually said “WTF” aloud as well. No, really…literally said “WTF” instead of “what the f*ck”..

  12. He might need some WRITEING classes. Next!

  13. I pray that Duane is the type of individual who takes petty criticisms and becomes stronger as a result. Yes, we are all prone to error–especially at the height of excitement. Here we find a man who is passionate about something, who has set a goal and declared it for everybody to know. A man who is passionate and talent in a subject is a man who will be abused the greatest in our society. Why would he be abused, you may ask. It is the nature of consumers such as yourselves to see somebody who is accomplishing something and to tear him down as a result of bitter resentments, jealousies and a sense of insecurity. He is a producer, and without him you would have nothing to consume. This is probably one of the most positive and uplifting posts I have read on this website–as most are sad commentaries on our heartless society. This one, is far from Lamebook. This one is Greatbook.

  14. more like Greatbooke

  15. Haha, touche`.

  16. Agreed — sure, this guy obviously isn’t going to be the next Arthur Miller, but if he’s suddenly inspired by an artistic drive and gets to “writeing” himself a play, why not?

    This is cute, amusing, and maybe a little sad — but not really lame at all. It doesn’t quite square up with the “omg im fartin fire tonite after that curry” that I’m used to from this site.

  17. can i reade it when you’re done?

  18. lol, so fucking funny that someone who spells writing WRITEING thinks they can be a writer!

  19. hahaha greatbooke

  20. Give him a break. His name is Duane…

  21. thank god for spell check.

  22. I just want to … type that Chairman Mao’s posts are half of why I love this site. Bravo, Great Leader.

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