Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coming Soon to a News Feed Near You – Director’s Cut

Director's Cut

Director's Cut

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  1. wtf…..this is truly lame….bravo

  2. Wow. That really went on forEVER. I guess this is the extended version of the previous one, ey?

  3. This is amazing. I can practically see him slamming his keyboard with rage.

  4. facebook should limit the characters in status updates. but then again we won’t have epic arguments like this to be displayed in public..lol

  5. whatever happened to the days when arguing with somebody over the phone was considered pussy?

  6. So much wasted effort. They could’ve saved all that typing time, not to mention all the time we wasted reading it, but just posting the following:

    ALLY: I’m lame.
    SHAWN: Me too.

    See how easy that was?

  7. What is wrong with people, another “Mulan Rouge”? I guess that Chinese fighter going to live the high life in Paris is more popular than I thought.

  8. it’s sad that they’re both “grown up” and still bring their parents to be involved in this kind of thing. My parents want the dvd back… seriously? Are we in like grade school?

  9. Leggings? Moulin Rouge DVDs? “My mom is a crazy bitch but I still love her?”

    Hey Shawn. This. Is why you. Should never date. Hipsters.

  10. No one randomly commented on it, they must not have a lot of friends.

  11. Wow. Normal people would be like:
    “Hey. I kinda need my movies back. Can you send them to me?”
    “Yeah sure, no problem.”

    End. Of. Discussion.

  12. TLDR

  13. Many of you have missed the central theme to be learned hidden inside this elaborate discussion. The solution to problems of these young potential farmers is communal ownership. Whereby, the problem of the DVD’s could be solved by a timeshare proposal… ahh whatever I’m not the real Mao plus I’m sleepy.

  14. I’m not sure, but I think I just wasted ten minutes of my life reading an argument between two trust fund babies over a couple of DVDs that could be purchased at Target for the same price as shipping them.

  15. @alicia I think they’re wall posts put together as opposed to status updates…there is a limit on characters in those.

  16. we dont know whats lamer, this pointless conversation, or the fact that we read the whole thing.

  17. Not returning her films is bad enough, but putting her leggings into storage? That really does take the biscuit.

  18. @mao this is why communism wouldnt work…

    P.S. leggings? wtf? shawn? really?

  19. TL;DR

  20. TL;DR

  21. This seems like something that should be discussed in an actual message…rather the news feed. lawwwlz

  22. Long-winded and boring

  23. why did no one do the world a favour and tell them to STFU? 😐

  24. why is shawn borrowing leggings anyway

  25. Breakup etiquette:
    Buy new DVDs and CDs. You don’t need the crap you have to deal with to get them back. Just replace them and move on.

    Could they please start teaching that in middle school?

  26. What kind of parents would freak out over a few lost DVDs and a pair of leggings? It’s not like they’re expensive or irreplaceable.

  27. Jesus C!! Was I really the only one who just scrolled passed all that shit?! I lost interest after about two words…

  28. wayyyyyyy too long to even bother reading the whole of. what i read was good though 😛

  29. I would assume that Mulan Rouge takes place in Red China?

    … I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

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