Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wrong Holy Matrimony


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  1. There is no wrong hole.

  2. Sounds like the right way to end off the comments of a wedding picture.

  3. TMI?

  4. this made my day

  5. TMI.

    mcowles’ comment made me laugh.

  6. hahahahaha well titled!

  7. i wanna put it in the guys butt!

  8. haha that really made me laugh.

  9. and thanks lord he’s putting in the wrong hole,hope for us all he will keep it that way!

  10. At least she knows what the problem is!


  12. +1 @ mcowles.

  13. Brendon knows that. He’s just searching for her clitoris.

  14. hahahahahahaha what the hell.

  15. Well it might just be the best contraceptive method there is.

  16. 10/10 to admin for this and other very witty titles!

  17. i literally laughed out loud thank you Caroline for sharing

  18. mcowles’ opening gambit basically just rendered all following comments obsolete. Everyone else might as well just give up now.

  19. The odd mosaic makes him look like that face on Mars.

  20. Ha, wow. Well, that wasn’t what I expected.

  21. I didn’t see that coming…but then again, maybe Caroline didn’t either!

  22. The best part is that I’m pretty sure that Joanne KNOWS that Caroline seems to be infertile, by her nonchalant reply. Which ALSO means that she brought up her & Steve’s great fertility, KNOWING this about Caroline.


  23. this picture appears to be fairly old…
    meaning, Caroline is probably fairly old as well.
    so you would think that maybe by now Brendon would put it in the right hole !

  24. ….k

  25. This is me, and just so everyone knows… Joanne is my mum… lol

  26. Oh and Essie, I am 20, it’s my mum’s wedding photo πŸ˜›

  27. “Up the bum no babies” as they say over here. How true.

  28. #25&26: If that really is you….yeah…. kind of creepy to talk about “putting it in the wrong hole” not only with your mom, but publicly on Facebook.

  29. to Bry… it actually has been altered from what was actually said. On the actual post, Mum said it was in the wrong hole not me… and we have a very close relationship, and it’s clearly a joke and not serious … Get a sense of humour!

  30. Dry up, Bry.

  31. Betcha Brendon is Greek

  32. […] have a couple new favorite sites of the week. One is the terrific Lamebook, home of such entries as this one. (HT: Irish Yeti) The other one is Photoshop […]

  33. Much like Brendon, that conversation went somewhere I didn’t expect.

  34. I’m close to my mom too, and we talk about things, but not in that language, and not for everyone on Facebook to see. Lol.

    And why was the post altered? That’s weird.

    And if I didn’t have a sense of humour, I wouldn’t enjoy lamebook so much. =)

  35. Its weird seeing someone you know on sites like these haha. Keep up the good work Caroline, you and your Mum always keep me entertained πŸ˜‰

  36. Haha Thanks Kellie… It is weird I know… And Bry, I have no idea why it was altered… strange hey?

    Yeah I do agree Bry, mum and I are strange πŸ™‚ But anyone who is on our friends lists knows us and the way we act πŸ˜›

  37. She forgot to mention how she always cries when I do it.

  38. LOL “there is no wrong hole” hahaha

  39. …and some girls think you can get pregnant by swallowing…what wrong hole are we referring to??….LMFAO!!!

  40. hahaha

  41. i can only… HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  42. the first thing i thought was, your doing it wrong

  43. omg that is so funny! the wrong whole haha her arse hole more like but who the hell would write that on facebook!

  44. @Susie: are you retarded?

  45. WikidJuggaloPanda

    @44 wtf: Thats affirmative :p

  46. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… not funny.

  47. *poker face* Good to know, good to know…

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