Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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  1. Haha! Way to go creepy perv dad!
    STEEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRR! That’s why I don’t wear pants

  2. Holy shit that’s creepy.

  3. Epic parenting fail…

  4. most likely left it logged in somewhere.

  5. I can imagine the dad saying, “Bzzzzzz!!! You need me to get you some batteries?”

  6. Rule Number 1: Forget your pants if you must, but don’t ever forget to log off a public computer.
    Rule Number 2: Have a bit of trust in your dad, it’s clearly not him publicizing is desire for your and your friends’ butts. Delete the comment and block the perv till your dad regains the control of his account.
    Rule Number 3: If you are sure it’s your dad, please accept my sincere condolences and call CPS pronto.

  7. If mom put out more dad wouldn’t need his daughter’s friends.

  8. Who needs to take their pants off to slap the salami??

  9. Fuck man…Am I the only person bothered with the fact that her tag is hanging out? I know I’m not the only ocd fucker on this god forsaken website!

  10. Yeah that tag is pretty distracting.

  11. What’s wrong with that? They’re all college students so it’s not like any of them are underaged.

  12. ha ha ha…

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