Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yes, I Would Say So…

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  1. Jakubs, could you please clarify what you meant with your second comment to MsAnne? Because that still confuses me a bit.

  2. laugh.out.loud.:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to get my dull, sweet, blithe knickers in a knot.

    I just make the unfortunate mistake of taking people on the internet seriously…
    Perhaps I should take my own advice and get a sense of humor? Yes, that seems in order.

    Buckle_up: I was just clarifying my first comment. It seemed to me that a lot of people were attacking whoever posted this facebook status for making fun of his disabled brother. And I wanted to come to his defense, because I think that it’s Ok to make the occasional politically-incorrect joke, so long as it’s not meant with malice.

    And then my other comments were trying to clarify stuff when people seemed (possibly rightly) baffled by what I was saying.

    (Reading everyone’s comments again, I’m like, “Oh… mostly these people are attacking each other, not the guy who did the Facebook post. Ok, have at it y’all.”)

  3. jakubs Please could you write me a 1300 word dissertation on how you once got confused on an Internet forum you easily bamboozled fuckwit.

    All jokes aside I’m not sure what message you were trying to convey to buckle_up, please could you clarify your clarification?

  4. Oh my god. “Bamboozled fuckwit” is going on my top ten list of greatest things I’ve ever been called. I commend you.

  5. ^I’d like to hear the rest of this list.

  6. well, now that I’ve actually taken notice of this. Jakubs, nobody CARES about fucking retards, they are now, and they always will be…retarded. YOU unfortunately, I must inform, are one of THEM…so…listen…next time you’re trying to tuck your own dick into your asshole just to see what it feels like, I want you to think about me….slapping you in the face…with my…GIGANTIC..WOODEN…PIRATE…COCK, OK? ARE WE FUCKING CLEAR, now?

  7. @jakubs, you’ve misunderstood. Each and everyone of us here is OK with the occasional politically-incorrect joke, so long as it’s meant with malice.

    Are you autistic, by the way?

  8. >t1000 says “that is fake”, Cap’n Says, “we demand all malice, all the time!”

  9. ^you need to fucking relax.

  10. I’ve got you’re fucking “relax” right here, buddy…I’ll be back in a couple of hours.

  11. Mrsbeatusmongous


    also, you should include more fibre in your diet.

  12. oh well, fuck…excuse me…my sincere apologies..I meant, “your”, I just fucked it all up…what do you want from me? I can’t call you “Ms.” and I can’t call you, “beatus”, I’m NOT going to call you “Mrs.”…what the FUCK should I call you?

  13. I’d go with – ‘a fucking abomination’.

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