Monday, October 7, 2013


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  1. Be like me, just win at everything!! 1st!

  2. You got it front to back. Obama is the one who didn’t get his way when Obamacare was resoundingly defeated, so he pushed it through with an executive order, just like a king would try to do. Then he closes the government down because congress won’t take his crap. We shouldn’t bow down to King Obama. Roll on 2016 so we can finally get this joker out of office and put someone stable in there who might actually help this country!

  3. It’s actually nothing at all like your little Monopoly reference, retard. You should probably go back to school.

  4. I completely agree with you, RedDog. I would also add that ACA is seriously flawed but Obama refuses to hear it. But this was never about fixing health care. It has always been about supporting your party and it is us against them. That is true for both sides of the aisle.

    That is how we ended up with a pure party line vote. That is how we have quotes like, “We have to pass the bill so that you can see what is in it.” That is how we sell it as not being a tax until it had to be a tax in order to pass a constitutionality test.

    The entire system is a joke. It has been reduced to the mentality of Packers versus Bears, girls versus boys, and red team versus blue team. The issues no longer matter, it has become nothing more than supporting your team blindly to the end at all costs.

  5. THATconservativeNUTJOB

    How much you wanna bet Nails who used the word retard is an ultra-liberal ie. brain washed?? But it’s us who are the racist, sexist, homophobic, insensitive, meany conservatives

  6. THATconservativeNUTJOB – you’re probably right on both counts. Meany.

  7. Regardless of the circumstances, the Government should never be shut down. If there is a fight to get something passed, or stopped, they should be working overtime on negotiations. Why the fuck are they paid so much for a vacation? It’s not the high level officials who are affected by the shutdown; it’s the low level families that require some assistance from our Government. Veterans are affected. Food assistance is affected.
    And for all you fucktatds who think I’m completely liberal: I agree with drug testing the people for the assistance; rendered.

  8. The federal government has shutdown something like 17 times before. The last time was in 1995 and like in 1995, all federal workers will likely get back pay for the time they were shut down. For those in government, this is nothing but a free vacation. There is no reason for them to end the shut down as fast as possible, they get extra paid time off for as long as this goes on.

    However, I believe this is the first time the government has closed national parks and monuments. Even parks that are on public land but receive no federal funding and run entirely by private organizations and funding.

    I believe it is also the first time the federal government has ordered states to close state parks that get federal funding. Thankfully I don’t know of any states that complied.

    In fact, Arizona even asked the federal government to allow them to use state funds to keep the Grand Canyon open during shut down and the federal government refused and ordered the park closed instead of allowing Arizona to pay for the park during this time.

    It is all a stupid game. The federal government playing games with the American people and that is all this shut down is about.

  9. Yay

  10. It passed the House.
    It passed the Senate.
    It was signed into law by the President.
    The Supreme Court upheld it.

  11. Glad to be Canadian!

  12. THATconservativeNUTJOB

    Hey regurgitated beefpile, you’re intellectually challenged. I think that’s the pc word I’m supposed to use instead of retard these days. Either way our Prezzy ran outta vacay spots and decided to have a staycation; therefore, what Barry Soetoro wants, Barry gets…

  13. @Reddog: your statement, “Obama is the one who didn’t get his way when Obamacare was resoundingly defeated, so he pushed it through with an executive order.” is patently false. The ACA was passed in both the Senate (60-40) and the House (219-212 — 4 not seated).

    I definitely lean right on some issues (fiscal, mostly), but today’s Republicans are terrifying to me, as they seem completely divorced from reality. Reddog’s comment is a perfect example of that. The ACA was passed, yet he somehow errantly believes that it was voted down, and that Obama magically made it a law despite its defeat in Congress. When one side refuses to accept objective fact, how are you even supposed to have a dialogue?!

  14. Steeeeveerrrr da bes

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You know where I go when I want timely, factual and fair news and opinions about politics? Not Lamebook.

  16. Nothing like a bunch of cynical peeps who enjoy Facebook nonsense to have a civilized debate about politics. For what it’s worth, from a non-American perspective, the US is making a mockery of itself. It’s a little concerning when politicians refer to some other politicians as “extremists” – I thought that term was reserved for religious crazies who wanted to cause extreme harm to large numbers of people. Oh, wait…

  17. America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare & without the guns? (Recommended)

  18. ^Love it

  19. Well, what an interesting forum for a political debate. Where to start.

    1) because a law is passed it may be the “law of the land” as stupid liberals love to point out, but the cool thing about laws is they can be changed. Good thing the democrat party wasn’t for slavery, because at one point slavery was “the law of the land.” Oh wait, it was democrats that stood as a party for slavery.

    2) the law may have been passed by the house, the senate, and signed by the president and upheld by the SCOTUS, but they also used parliamentary trickery to do so. They claimed it was a spending bill and passed it with 51 votes (after buying off dem senators) instead of the obligatory 60 votes. Not to mention, they claimed there was no tax increase, yet then they argued in front of the Supreme Court that it was a tax. So the only reason it was upheld is because Obama’s defense essentially said “no no no, it is a tax, we and the president just lied to the American people repeatedly.”

    3) government shutdown? Not only did they shut down parks that aren’t normally aren’t manned, they paid security guards to work at places like the WWII memorial to ensure no one could see it. Again, there’s normally no one working. They just paid to make people miserable. Oh, and it was okay to open it again so the worst speaker of the house in history, good Ol’ Nancy, could hold an illegal immigrant rally there. The only people harmed by the shutdown were the people Obama wanted harmed, and the one, yes one, person who was actually laid off as a result.

    I’m feeling Ill now. The fact that so much of this needs to be explained is really making me sick. Try reading something not written by a complete liberal leaning, douchy reporter who cares more about the crease in Obama’s slacks than his record, plans, etc. keep being stupid kids and it’s only gonna make your life difficult. There’s a reason more kids are liberals than adults. Liberalism only makes sense if you’re a know-nothing kid or a stupid adult. The sooner you convert the better you’ll be. And don’t think for a minute “but bill gates and warren buffet and Steve jobs and all the celebrities I like are liberals, so it must be good.” CEOs are usually only liberal because they realize supporting democrats is the easiest way to keep what they have, and celebrities…well, really? Next time some stupid celebrity tells you how to feel, ask yourself, “what does this person know that makes them worthy of listening to?” Most celebrities are liberal simply because they make most of their money from stupid kids, so thy say stupid things that stupid kids will latch on to.

    All you liberal morons are being played. From the media to the president. Oh wait, who cares? You got swag right? YOLO? Dumbasses. Wake up or watch your opportunity evaporate.

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