Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Family Failure

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  1. It’s your own damn fault for naming someone Rylan.

  2. don’t talk shit about naming someone Rylan… Yes, it is her fault for putting the wrong birthdate… but the name Rylan has nothing to do with it…. =0)

  3. Yeah – at least they weren’t named Caleb. Or Keith.

  4. I’m sorry, HOW can you possibly get your own childs birthday WRONG?

  5. @dragonfly: Easy, if you’re a shitty parent. Or just flat out stupid. Or perhaps a combination of both.

  6. I wouldn’t necessarily say shitty parent. Stupid yes. It took my wife and i a little while to stop telling people our kid was born on his due date instead of his actual date of birth. The due date was ingrained in our heads for 10 months, and at first it was a conscience effort to get it right. But if you’re getting a tattoo, only stupidity would keep you from fact checking!

  7. It’s a hate/love thing seeing people mess up their tattoos on here. I have a ton of tattoos and haven’t messed up any of them, they’re something you should check and recheck a hundred times before you get it if you are getting one with writing…

  8. I’ve never got my baby’s actual birth date mixed up with her due date.

  9. Plus – ten months? Most people don’t find out they’re pregnant until four or five weeks, which in turn would lead to knowing the due date for eight to nine months. Not you guys though.

  10. Not to mention that there is this strange idea that pregnancy is actually ten months long, which it isn’t. It’s defined as 40 weeks, which does not equal ten months. In fact, forty weeks is about 9 and one quarter months.

    Even so, the due date is forty weeks from the start of the cycle in which the woman got pregnant, and the cycle starts on the first day of her period, meaning that the actual conception occurs about 38 weeks before the due date, and implantation about 36. There’s no way to tell if a woman is pregnant before implantation, so even if you found out immediately after, the longest this due date could have been ingrained in your head is about eight and a third months.

    BTW, it’s “my wife and me.”


  11. These people give me more and more reasons not to get a tattoo…

  12. is it just me or is it a little bitchy in here all of a sudden?

  13. @someone…… IS my wife and I

  14. @kingmuddatrucka – it is actually my wife and me, as you would not say, “It took ‘I’ a little while to stop telling people…”
    You would say, “It took ‘me’ a little while to stop telling people…”

    You would be right, if, for example, you were to say, “Bob and I went to the beach” because you would say “I went to the beach”, but that is not the case. If you were to say, “Can someone take Bob and I to the beach?”, you would be incorrect because you would not say “can you take I to the beach?”

    Sorry, I’m a bit OCD with things like this. I mean well.

  15. @BloodyBella – You are wrong. It is my wife and I. And taking Bob and I to the beach is correct. I get that you mean well, but you’re just wrong about it. I’m anal about grammar and it bothers me when people get English wrong. Nothing against you, just simply letting you know.

  16. @meemoe – that is an incredibly imperious tone for someone who is completely incorrect. @BloodyBella is exactly right for exactly the reasons she stated. In the nicest way possible I suggest you go and pick up a grammar book and keep it to hand by your desk. It’s good to want to get things right but you should make sure you understand the logic behind sentence structure before attempting to correct others in such a high-handed manner.

  17. @Idao6 – I’m an English major. I’m pretty sure I know my grammar. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? Just because someone states awkwardly worded sentences and spins some random, made-up “logic” to put behind it does not make it correct. Nice try.

  18. @meemoe If we’re trotting out degrees here, I’m an English Ph.D. And you’re incorrect. BloodyBella is exactly right both in her use of “my wife and me” and her explanation. Compound objects require each object agree with the verb. Thus, “It took Meemoe a while to understand this explanation” and “It took me a while to understand this explanation” –> “It took Meemoe and me a while to understand this explanation.”

    Hope you don’t show up in any of my classes trying spin your made-up grammar into a better grade on a poorly written essay.

  19. Well I guess I stand corrected. Haha well whatever I guess I’ve been speaking improperly all my life. Meh. Thanks for enlightening me everyone 🙂 :p

  20. I think we should all relax a wee bit. The kittenweb is becoming quite, er, snobby about grammar etc. Language isn’t math(s), its a bit more fluffy than that. It doesn’t mean that you’re thick because your grammar is technically incorrect. Also, because this whole writing comments and blogs and the whole interweb thing are quite new (linguistically speaking) we could mibbe relax the reins a little. Communication is what’s important. Hitler! (invoking Godwin’s Law to bring argument to close). Goodbye my little internet friends, goodbye (p.s. I got an MA (hons) & I be an Inglish teecher)

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