Monday, April 25, 2011

A Family Sexperience

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  1. First First First….oh man… early blog-ejaculation

  2. tee hee… her name has “Anal” in it

  3. herculestrockefeller

    Nan’s a fricking jerk. If her family was going to have such a problem with it, Nan needn’t had waved it in their faces. Of course, Nan’s just a drama whore who believes women are evil for wanting and enjoying sex.

  4. If the grandparents and parents hadn’t fucked so much they wouldn’t have this embarrassment. The dried up hag trying to make Anal-iza feel guilty for ruining her kid brother’s masturbation fantasies is even creepier.

  5. Wow, Nan is a HUGE nark…lol

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    LOL ok it was a dumb thing to post, but Nan is just another example of why old people shouldn’t use social media. Moving money from your 401K because you “know” you’re going to get sued because your daughter is slutty? really?

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    And oh my God that is one of the worst spellings of a name ever.

  8. I don’t see why they all care. She’s 26 not 14.

  9. ifitwerentformyhorse


  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What a melodramatic fuckwit.

  11. It would be the best thing ever if all she got was middle-aged balding men

  12. She’s a desperate slut, and they’re a bunch of puritanical over-reactors. The only person who wins is whichever sleaze gets to bang her without even buying her a drink.

  13. I guess I’ll be seeing her tonight

  14. Fake.

  15. It’s one thing to be really slutty. Whatever, to each their own. But to be this brazen about it is pretty gross, I mean, have some kind of standard. This post looks like a really good way to end up with your dead body tossed in a dumpster.

  16. I wish I had this broad in my friends list. All I ever see is “my 4 year old is in preschool! Look at her pictures from the water park. See how cute she is in her bikini?”

    She was pretty fucking sexy.

    And that’s why I need women like this! To keep me on the straight and narrow. I don’t want to bang children, but if the whores aren’t going to step up, then I’m going to keep renting this clown costume and driving the ice cream truck.

  17. I can understand the ladies not getting this, but all the guys should know that Analiza is a fake profile and probably a spambot. The person behind the spambot is trying to get people to click on their dating website. I think Nan was just messing with it like we all do.

    Also, Soup scares me and I’d like for him or her to meet my friend Chris Hansen.

  18. I wonder if that lingerie model, mb, still visits Lamebook…

  19. I spent like an hour reading through all the stuff I’ve missed.

    lamebook, you owe me an hour. I’ll take payment in the form of hookers, goats, drugs, booze and Soup (with clown costume).

  20. Word, I’m guessing that mb is so busy with her lingerie modeling career comeback *gigglesnort* that she has no time for peons like us.

  21. It’s Always The Fat Ones That Are Jealous Of The Sluts

  22. oh come on, it’s so obviously spam. nan is either a retard or moderately funny..

  23. Ah shit.

  24. Soup,

    You just made my whole morning!


  25. After reading Soup’s comment …. shit, I’m off to tidy up my friends list.

  26. That’s gotta be a frape! 😛

    The only other option is that she accidently posted it to facebook by pressing some ‘share with friends’ button on whatever f*ck-buddies-4-us site she is a member of lmao

  27. Not sure who mb is, but I’m the model and yes I’m still here. LOL! 😛

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