Monday, November 30, 2009

A Lesson for All of Us


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  1. Yes. He is Dr. Hunt.

  2. Mike Hunt? Dr. Mike Hunt. Is he the doctor to see if you’re a stripper or a prostitute in the local area?

  3. I had a maths teacher in middle school called Mike Hunt, I shit you not.

  4. i had a teacher named, not kidding, sharon aycock. who thinks her husband was cheating on her as the name implies?

  5. Maybe he doesn’t want to add him, because he is NOT his dad, but the creepy pediatrician he once had, who is stalking him (and apparently 20 of his friends), and insists they call him “dad,” and this is just evidence.

    Or, it is his dad, he doesn’t want to add him, and he thought it was funny to show everyone that his dad is lame enough to beg for “friendship” on a social networking site.

  6. Maybe he doesn’t want to add him because it’s fucking nuts to have your parents as your FB friends, especially with the ridiculous information people are flooding the public with these days. Please see:

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