Monday, July 6, 2009

A Lesson in Mosquito Migration


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  1. hey this reminds me of the time i was fetching a pen from beneath my heater and found a group of mosquitoes huddled together keeping warm.

  2. Mosquitoes migrate to warm weather, just like idiots migrate to Facebook.

  3. You can practice safe sex, but idiots will still reproduce…

  4. So much is wrong… *sigh*

  5. morons, Mosquitoes don’t spread AIDS!!

  6. blumpkins4mccain

    stupid ignorant cunts. all of them.

  7. I think the Mosquito giving you AIDS thing is mocking the fact that the streets themselves can kill you. Since apparently ANYTHING can kill you these days.

  8. This is, hands down, the stupidest conversation ever.

  9. The moral of this story – don’t have unprotected sex with a mosquito in the streets.

  10. Mike’s got it.

  11. Mikey’s like a fly trying to fly through a window.

  12. hahhah mosquitoes dont fuckin migrate dumbass

  13. You can’t get HIV from a mosquito anyway.

  14. Average lifespan of a mosquito: 4-100 days.

    Average number of heterosexuals on 4chan at any given time: -2

  15. This is nothing more than two idiots trying to outwit eachother with false information

  16. Jesus fucking Christ, flie?!

  17. I can’t stop laughing at Michael’s initial reaction, because it was pretty much the same as mine.

  18. chairman mosquitoe


    i wish i had friends like osita

  19. haha!love the fact that Tenzin actually sees how dumb Osita is (according to his “lol”)but our dumb little Osita thinks he`s saved by a friend and thanks him at the last comment. priceless

  20. This is such an amazing display of human stupidity it makes my head hurt. If ever a case was to be made for mandatory sterilization, surely all involved in the original post fit that mold.

    *head explodes*

  21. Wow, thank god for blacks. Amusing white people since slavery 😉

  22. Andy, you are a piece of shit.

  23. Yeah agreed, stop being such a douche

  24. Mosquitoes can’t give you AIDS.

  25. Why does the status say “2 hours ago” but the rest of the comments have dates? I’m calling a fake.

  26. the is so much fail, i don’t know where to start

  27. Dude above, ‘The is so much fail’ .. FAIL!

  28. Christ on a cracker

    So… Osita is a he? Last time I checked my spanish, Osita translates to small female bear.

    Is it supposed to be cute? Or is this just his way of letting everyone who speaks Spanish know that he’s a rampant homo looking for some ‘verga’?

  29. The ‘last time you checked your Spanish’? Which I bet was 10 seconds before you commented douche.
    And upon reflection I reckon Osita was trying to convey his/her sense of the usefulness of condoms, as even with taking precautions he/she could be shot on the street. Not that I agree with the sentiment.

  30. LOL this was SO freakin awesome.

  31. As far as the getting AIDS from a mosquito thing…I remember a few years ago there was some scientist or doctor or something that came out with this unbelievably dumb theory that it isn’t safe to slap a mosquito. The only safe was to remove a mosquito is to swipe or flick it off of you. His reason was that when you slap a mosquito you risk forcing any blood the mosquito has already consumed from someone else into yourself, thus possibly transmitting some kind of blood-born illness. It was a big thing in the mosquito infested bogs and marshes where I’m from. Of course a bunch of other doctors and scientists came out right after that and said it was bullshit (big surprise).

  32. dirtylittlepretty

    im pretty stoned right now and this made me lol. it is extremely ignorant and full of so much dumbassedness* but i found it a real treat!! thanks lamedick for not failing me for a change. I also like how Osita busts out with the ‘1st (off)bitch, mosquitos are not around in the winter but yea’ ~~such the scholar

    i give it two bums up!

  33. I protected myself from unwanted pregnancy, STDS, cold, and the streets, but unfortunately, reading this gave me an aneurysm.

  34. The streets better kill that moron. Quick! Before the Mosquitos give her aids and migrate!!

  35. I love it when people who have the spelling abilities of an astigmatic orangutan claim to be more intelligent than people who can type correctly.

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