Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little Too Much for your Thursday

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  1. “You work it like a champ, men can’t stop calling” so basically you’re a hoe. Love it. I’d definitely post that on my facebook…And I wonder how many vibrators Sarah’s got through?

  2. @lamegirl lol.. i don’t think she is arguing with people.. she is tryint to correct them and we ALL have to be corrected at one point or another. ok Chrissy, fine whatever you say

  3. AND there is a difference between correcting people and being an asshole

  4. Back when I was an exotic dancer, the girls used to get yeast infections all the time. The Dr told us it was from sliding up and down the polls with out them being cleaned between girls. We went to our stage manager and the busboys had to clean them between sets…no more yeast infections.

  5. @54…..gross…..

  6. @ Dr. Hymen…do I count as being fictionally trained in the medical profession from my excessive watching of House?

    @Lamegirl…sometimes people just talk like that. I’m always being told I’m a rather articulate person, though its not an active choice on my part. Plus,if you do have a varied and flowery vocabulary why not show it off? Its much more impressive than people showing off any physical attributes they may be lucky enough to possess.

  7. Chrissy really does need a good banging. Lighten the fuck up, there’s no need to get all serious and educational, people visit LB for the LOLs not to be preached at.

  8. U no u guys r gr8 n rite y use hole wurds speld rite wen i can do dis n b cool like dis?

  9. Again…the only people who say other people need “a good banging” are those not getting laid themselves. And besides, what about me being intelligent should imply that I would need the apparent stress relief of sex anyways?

    I’m not PREACHING at anyone. AGAIN PEOPLE – AS A WOMAN I FOUND THE NEED TO CLARIFY THE ACTUAL REASON WOMEN GET YEAST INFECTIONS AND THAT POOR HYGIENE AND DIRTY UNDERWEAR IS NOT THE PRIMARY CAUSE WE GET THEM. FOR SOME DIRTY HOOKERS, YES, BUT TO ASSUME THAT ALL WOMEN WHO HAVE A YEAST INFECTION IS DIRTY IS NOT ONLY WRONG, IT’S OFFENSIVE. Instead of claiming I need to be laid because I know the right answer and can express it in an intelligent manner, maybe more of you should have found my response educational.

    Even if I were in need of getting laid, if there’s one thing this post should teach everyone is getting “banged” at random can lead to a YEAST INFECTION!

  10. I’m starting to think that Chrissy gets alot of yeast infections, and she want’s everyone to know that she infact is a very clean and hygienic person.

  11. Oh she definitely needs to rinse her axe wound out

  12. DAMN! They figured me out…

  13. STOP ARGUING WITH CHRISSY she is tryign to make a point, LEAVE HER ALONE. gosh yall cant handle being corrected or learning something new everyday. just cuz u might not be in school doesnt mean ur smart enough. i hate it when ppl get all worked up for no reason except that they have too much time on their hands to be arguing with someone they dont kno.

  14. wait y am i getting pissy about u guys arguing with chrissy ( and no its not a pun, im not trying to be funny)

  15. i want to take that quiz lmao, and Demarcus is confusing :p

  16. sarah’s is ripped straight from TextsFromLastNight

  17. I’m sure Sarah’s will indeed be ripped if she is as rough on her new toy as she likes to brag

  18. A new low in retart spew. Is nothing private anymore, do we as a society need to express everything that happens in our lives to everyone we know? Just because it happened, doesn’t mean everyone wants to know about it. What ever happened to ‘too much information’? It’s time to make some bumper stickers, “We don’t care, keep your torrential period stories and commentary on how you abuse your vibrator to yourself.”

  19. And, anyone who takes the ‘good pussy’ quiz, has neither a good one nor a white trash bomb ass one.

  20. Christ, I’ve stumbled upon an e-book for yeast infections here.

  21. LMAO @ Chrissy’s #32 post….”environment” = good good. LOL!!!

    It ceases to amaze me that nearly every lamebook post somehow ends up in a pissing contest or a verbal bashing…seriously, cant we all just get along!!

    lol @ Sarah…I’d hate to see her last one!! 🙂

  22. Geez, where to fucking start…

    Damn, a person goes to a bar, returns, and then receives a serious reminder there is a time difference…

    @Chrissy: I knew you’d be appreciative to my apology, thank you for giving me my first online wink :).

    @lamegirl: Why would sounding eloquent and intelligent undermine any arguments we would have? It’s something almost all dictators, presidents, politicians, doctors, and last but not least, self-considerate people do. Does it make a point less valid? No, it doesn’t. It just makes people that don’t give a fuck about listening/reading not to bother, which is exactly what is meant by using eloquent language. Think twice, twat (meant as advice not as insult).

    @Spanka: Lovely comment, I’d love to have an imagination like yours, you made me laugh twice.

    @Chrissy in #59: Call me compulsive, but ‘ALL WOMEN … IS DIRTY’ should be either ‘ALL WOMEN … ARE DIRTY’ or ‘EVERY WOMEN THAT HAS … IS DIRTY’. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Good to see that there are people who feel the need to correct people when they’re wrong, it makes my day. When there would be no-one correcting the other, this world would be even in more shit. Online or offline, please do try to correct people if they’re wrong in your opinion, it -eventually- makes the world a better place.

    Peace out, sleep would be good.

  23. @Anonanus – yes, your compulsive grammatical correction is correct. But according to the general consensus of most of the posts referencing your & my posts, we speaks 2 gud n-e-wayz.

  24. @Chrissy, you write too much, too often, and in too many posts
    It hurts my eyes

  25. Word.

  26. Is Sarah hot? Hell, is Sarah half-way decently attractive? I’m not at a point in my life where I’m too picky.

  27. I salute you Chrissy, on behalf of women everywhere, for what you’re trying to do

  28. @ Everyone
    I think you all need a good banging, shagging, fucktooling or what every euphemism you prefer. Boys and Girls, just make sure you wash your junk well afterward and have a good pee to flush it all out.

    Follow this all up with a nice single malt scotch and a pipe (ladies too!).

  29. My head hurts. Why is it that whenever I find a mildly amusing form of light online entertainment, it always digresses into an online pissing match between polar opposite camps with extrememly rigid viewpoints?

  30. Seems a bit of a shame that the people behind Lamebook edit the entries. This is what the first one originally looked like:

  31. @Glamour – where did you find that? If that’s real and LB is editing posts like that then someone obviously needs junk punched.

  32. OK, Demarcus Ware plays for the damn COWBOYS!!! (I don’t follow sports so please don’t rip me for having to Google!!!) If the image Glamour posted is real then LB is making these posts up!! You mean to tell me there’s not enough lameness on FB that they need to invent some?? WTF??? =0|

  33. It’s the original picture, because I was the one who submitted it to Lamebook. I checked back on the person’s page to see if they had re-posted it again with perhaps different wording, thinking maybe the people working at Lamebook wanted to see it for themselves and had found a more amusing version – but no, there is only that one. They appear to have edited it to make the woman seem illiterate, when in fact she is not.

  34. That’s pretty fucked up Lamebook… But I do have one more question, Glamour…if that image is of the original post, what about it seemed like it belonged on LB? Knowing now that “Demarcus” is an NFL player, I would take that post to be comical in the same way that I say I’m Johnny Depp’s future ex-wife… I don’t think she was pondering the paternity of an actual child, but just saying she thinks Ware is hot…

  35. I’m not American or familiar with the NFL in any way, so it wasn’t until you mentioned it on here that I knew who this Demarcus was either 🙂 So in that perspective, I thought it was lame because she was posting on Facebook the prospect of her pregnancy with a man, before actually telling him.

  36. correction. not correctly washing your junk= yeast infection, not too much sex, nice try tho

  37. actually, kris, you can definitely get a yeast infection from too much sex. the bacteria that cause the infection already live there, all it takes is a slight ph imbalance to cause them to overgrow. in fact, douches and other “cleansers” can kill important bacteria and cause a yeast infection. schooled.

  38. um… ok educational: fair enough. i learned something new. but really the point is that regardless of how yeast infections are caused, why on earth would anyone put on their STATUS that they have one?? ew! TMI!!!

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