Monday, November 7, 2011

A Sweet Response

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  1. Yoghurt when frozen is naturally hard.

  2. Tutti frutti is the most amazing place on earth!

  3. Tyler – You really don’t need to put so much effort into being a cunt. It’s clear you have a natural talent there. It’s also clear you’ve never had a job in the service industry.

    I hope someone leaves you out in the woods to get fucking eaten by bears.

  4. At the girl that thinks the service industry is tricky. It isn’t, it is very easy, very safe and isn’t nearly as hard as you make it out to be. Are you trying to tell me that uneducated people find simple tasks difficult? I find that easy to believe.

  5. Ripp3r dear, it’s mind-numbingly boring and the hours can often be long and entirely on your feet. You spend this time dealing with fucking imbeciles who attempt to treat you as inferior to them – just for doing your fucking minimum wage gotta-pay-the-bills cocksore cunt of a job. No, I didn’t last long. Fuck dealing with joe public.
    I bet you find lots of things ‘easy to believe’. Because you don’t understand any of it.

  6. Ms THrope dear,I’ve worked the service industry. The same as most people you will ever meet. It is nothing special or even worth mentioning. No one deserves extra respect because they are doing something that any monkey could do. 90% of the time you were treated as inferior because the person could do a better job than yourself. When you are there, you are inferior. I hate to burst your unique snowflake bubble but you aren’t contributing shit by flipping burgers.

  7. Pretty sure Tutti Frutti hardly counts as food service. I’d say in my opinion, food service in the front isn’t bad at all. Yes, you deal with long hours and bitchy people, but most jobs do, AND you have the potential (if you play nice with others) to make a lot of money. Depending on what you’re doing and who you are, working in the back can get pretty rough. Don’t need a degree for dishwashing but fuck that, man. That’s backbreaking work and the guys who do it never complain because it’s money.

    MsAnneThrope, I think you mentioning you didn’t last long is a bit redundant. We could likely all tell you didn’t with your attitude.

  8. Hard to side with such a douche like Tyler.

    Son, you’ll never get laid by talking to women in that tone.

  9. Her job does seem easy, but there are parts of most jobs that suck. I have worked retail, fast food and as a waitress, amongst other things. Working with the public can suck because there are always those people that treat people poorly just because of what side of the counter they are on. But I’d rather do that than work in a mine or something.

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    90% of my job involves sitting around thinking about things while eating candy (the candy isn’t actually part of the job; I bring my own from home). Miners and sewerage engineers and firefighters can suck my dick; sucks to be you, brah.

  11. Whores can suck your dick too, drchalk, don’t be such an elitist

  12. Ahhh Tutti Frutti …. From the Italian for ‘All Fruits’.

    Ironic considering they all fucking are… the cowardly, bastard, side-changing cunts.

    Italians that is not the Yoghurt selling people, their ok… I think.

  13. ^ are you drunk?

  14. Service industry sucks. People that disrespect the wait staff/ cashiers/ fast food staff have no problem acting all elitist, but you’d sure be complaining if there was no one their to make you your fatty burger chumps. Somebody has to do it, and if you are too good to do it then don’t treat the people who do as if they were second class citizens.

  15. @Walter No, I’m not drunk….I’m Racist…Against Italians…Not Yoghurt Salespeople.

    Although come to think of it they fucking come over here, selling their fucking foreign cow yoghurt when we have perfectly good Dog yoghurt going to waste..hmmmm.

  16. I’m with Tyler on this one… I hate when people complain about how hard their job is. It’s work! It’s supposed to be hard! That was Adam’s punishment for listening to Steve, and eating the forbidden apple.

  17. I own a restaurant for those of you who think the service industry is easy, or takes no education/brains. Come walk a week in my shoes and I bet you will be running back to wherever you came from. Now I’m not saying tuity fruity is hard, but lets not just lump all “service” jobs together.

  18. That’s called “management”. There’s a tiny, subtle difference. You’re welcome.

    I work with the public too. And I’m self-employed. So I guess that makes me “front desk” AND manager.
    Sometimes, clients complain, yes, but I suck harder or I offer to do something kinky, and usually, it’s all good.

  19. If anyone complains about how hard it is in the food service industry, theres about a 98 percent chance thats as good as it’s going to get for you in life. And yes “Waterhea”, it takes no brains/education because most of the world, except for people like you, could do the same job you’re doing when we were 5. It’s a tough reality to come to but believe it or not, you make the minimum wage because it’s a mindless job. I’d even go as far to guess most of those jobs will be replaced with computers in the next 30 years. There wont be much to bitch about your job then, except not having one.

  20. Wha-whoa. The only thing that makes any kind of sense, is that anyone who thinks that food service is easy has never had a job in it.

  21. I had a food service job and it was difficult. People are assholes, but the worst were the owners. They were completely unfair and total dick heads because they knew that they could just hire the next dumbass to walk through the door. I worked hard for them for 3 years and never received a raise, even though I was promoted and took on more responsibility. I was paid less than my coworkers that did the same job that I did, and I’m not even a woman! Unreasonable.

  22. Thank you “tuesday”. And as far as being “mangagement” is concerned, i am also your waitress, bartender, cook, dishwasher, and everything in between. I bust my ass. Not every “owner” gets to sit back, relax and collect a paycheck. Because if the business doesnt make money I dont get paid. Unlike my employees.

  23. Food service industry is tough. I was a hostess/ sometimes waitress/ cashier at a restaurant. Basically, we were the slaves to everyone else in the place. Bitchy long-term waitresses who expect you to remember ALL their customers, cooks who came to work drunk and still made more than you and at least three bipolar bosses. Mostky sucked! I’ve also worked video retail, gast station attendant, child care, school picture film proccessing & cell phone sales at Best Buy. So Ashley, I’m sure your job may not be the highlight of your life, but trust me when I say that until you’ve scrubbed some nasty bathrooms, bussed tables or tryed to explain a Droid to a 90 year old woman who’s convinced that’s the phone for her, you haven’t experienced frustration. smiling for tips and refilling a couple of bins full of toppings doesn’t qualify under the “hard job” category.

    I’m not saying my jobs were hard, but c’mon people. Everyone wants to keep lowering the bar and expectations and we wonder why each new generation is becoming more lazy and selfish than the last.

  24. It is scientifically proven that 87,6% of bosses have psychopathic tendancies.

    Writing intelligent stuff in the comments section should be punishable by law, but I must salute ocd‘s “I’m not saying my jobs were hard, but c’mon people. Everyone wants to keep lowering the bar and expectations and we wonder why each new generation is becoming more lazy and selfish than the last.”

  25. First off, why shouldn’t we bitch about our jobs? The fact that we are paid a measly wage doesn’t mean the job doesn’t suck. Nor does the fact that being out of work would mean no pay imply that the job itself is not bitch-worthy.

    Second, it amazes me how many people seem to think we should make no effort to improve working conditions as much as possible. It is people like you who were scabbing while brave workers were uniting against the bosses to obtain better working conditions for everyone. Work can be hard, but there’s no reason we should stop trying to make it as easy as possible.

  26. @mad you can complain if you work in a sewer.

  27. I dont see any complaint in the post, anybody who thinks the girl is complaining is stupid.

  28. Christ on a fucking lawnmower. Don’t you people get it? It’s about respect.
    Even if your job is to scrub the toilets (badly) in an airport, you still deserve to be treated with the respect due any human being who isn’t a nonce. Or a racist, either.

  29. A lot of you people suck and deserve to have your digits chopped off in tiny bits while you are forced to watch TV evangelical marathons. The service industry does suck, mostly because of turd-burglars like you.

  30. Everyone should be required to wait tables for 6 months and work mall retail for six months before they’re allowed to go to college. (And the retail six months has to include the holiday shopping season.)

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