Monday, September 7, 2009

*A Wee Bit Lame*

A Wee Bit Lame

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  1. sigh

  2. I bet you £10 that these women have coffee mugs that say things like ‘why be normal?!’ and ‘you don’t have to be mad to work here – but it helps!!!!’

  3. Weird mango lovers

  4. girls think theyre so mature but they still sleep with teddy bears and find joy in retarded shit like this

  5. No, Kirsty, actually no-one is paying any attention to you. No-one thinks you’re weird, no-one thinks you’re normal, no-one thinks you’re anything. Get used to it.

  6. Bells are a good idea Kirsty so every other sane person out there gets a head start and avoids you altogether

  7. Is pretending to be weird the new cool high school thing?

  8. I actually don’t find this lame. This wasn’t addressed to anyone else, it was a conversation between the two of them, so why lame?
    They’re obviously just good friends who enjoy a bit of a manic laugh.
    Why be normal and staid in these situations?
    Here’s to lightening up a bit…

  9. I agree with Looby – clearly this is some kind of private joke between friends. Are we not allowed to have a laugh with our mates anymore? Jeez.

  10. I concur with Looby and Lizzie. Because I’m KERAZZZZZZY like that.

  11. I think Looby, Lizzle and Meg are twats.

  12. @Mr. Toad
    Kind of unnecessary? Try making comments on the post rather than the comments maybe… after all that is why we’re all here…

    Saying which, I think this is kind of dumb, but it was wall-to-wall, not a status (look at meeeeeee) update, so live and let live says I.

  13. I only wonder if they are referring to Chris Kattan’s character or Japanese comics? I must know.

  14. This is lame? It’s an inside joke, or at the very least, a mildly entertaining recount of something that happened to them, i.e. not nearly bad enough for strangers to find so-bad-its-funny. If this is the kind of stuff lamebook will be publishing, perhaps it’s jumped its proverbial shark.

  15. @ Mr Toad

    Well I *have* a twat, if that counts? Yay for female genitalia!

  16. How come people who are actually insane never think they are? But everyone else: “I’m mad! Completely mad!”

    I bet insane people have totally normal dreams too: “Well, I was in this store, and I bought a Kit-Kat. And then I went home and watched House. That House! They don’t approve of his methods, but he gets results.”

  17. It is more interesting when you read it as “Man Goo” instead of mango.

  18. I bet Kit and Amanda have ‘im so random’ in their ‘about me’ sections.

  19. Loobie, Lizzy, Meg, Hunk Golden, Kirsty and Amanda are all twats. Not liking this doesn’t mean not liking inside jokes or light heartedness. It means not liking annoying wacky wannabee random twattery.

  20. Also, Mr Toad and Patrick: good work, keep it up.

  21. I think calling complete strangers names over the internet for disagreeing with your opinion over something frivolous makes YOU the twat, my friend.

  22. @Ballzak

    It’s Looby, actually, not Loobie. If you’re going to try and offend me then at least spell my name right.

    At what point did any of us say that any of you were in the wrong? Merely pointed out that I didn’t think it was lame.

    In case anyone hasn’t noticed, this ‘annoying wacky wannabee (ahem… sic) random twattery’ wasn’t actually intended for anyone else apart from the two girls involved. Which is why it’s not lame. If this had been a status update then I could understand why some of you are getting so upset over two girls who are obviously having a joke amongst themselves, but the point stands that it wasn’t, so it’s more a case of keep your f*cking nose out of their business as far as I’m concerned.

    You can’t tell me you don’t occasionally post stupid or insider jokes to friends? Or maybe you don’t, but surprise surprise – some people do. The only reason this has reached true public domain is because Facebook introduced the bloody newsfeed – without that no one would have ever known that this had been written to Amanda, and would thus not give a shit.

    And there endeth the sermon of Looby.

  23. reeedins fer suxers

    This is exactly why the Great British Empire will never rise again.

  24. Lame? Depends on how old these girls are. 17 or under, menial high school twattery. Any other age, extreme lame. I know some girls that are like this and they’re 24… it’s painful.

  25. I think Misty at #17 brings the most to this conversation.

  26. Sadly, people like Kit and Amanda aren’t hard to find.

  27. funnily enough guys i find ur comments more hilarious than the private joke me and my friend had between ourselves!! u seem to have a lot of things to say on such a menial topic and it makes me very sad that some people just dont have a sense of humour! this does not include all the people who accepted we were just having a laugh 🙂

  28. so full of fail. go fly a kite.

  29. I wish stuff like this didn’t make my blood boil so much. Craza-trons Amanda and Kirsty couldn’t even begin to get their whacky heads around why their inane I’m-an-individual bullshit is so abhorrent. Get some self-awareness.

  30. Cool story, bro.

  31. the amount of care in some of these responses is lamer than the facebook post.

  32. i know crikey people there are much worse things to worry about in the world aahhh the irony! also i didn’t even know about this “lamebook” thing until my friend posted us on here so u clearly have waaayyyy to much time on your hands if you have to use it to express an opinion about something :S! over and out

  33. @Amanda

    Actually, a site specifically dedicated to lame Facebook posts doesn’t have anything better to do. Also, you don’t know what “irony” means.

  34. I luuuurv mangoes

  35. I think Amanda has the last laugh. The fact that you guys care SO much about their private message and have discussed it in so much depth makes ALL OF YOU the lamesters.

  36. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    shut up lizzle u grade a cunt

  37. Great comeback. Retard.

  38. Lame or not, they’re obviously geeks.

  39. i think kirsty and amandas are knobs

  40. sounds like some sort of inside joke between them. nothing odd about it at all, i see this all the time between friends.

  41. Mildly embarrassing

  42. They’re just awkward preteens, not really anything new.
    Although have you noticed, the people that make a big deal out of how CARAZEYYYYY and RANDOM they are and tell people ‘You’ll have to get used to me, I’m really weird 😀 😀 :D’ are actually the most boring and mundane people you will ever meet?

  43. Agreed, @Floskii, I can’t bear people trying to push their “quirky” persona on others. I blame Scrubs. Everyone wants a hilarious inner monologue like Zach Braff’s character has.

    On another note- Amanda: you obviously care, get over it.

  44. @Bri
    I agree. Most of them aren’t really that weird and just want to spice up their otherwise boring lives, and just can’t keep it to themselves.

  45. Owh.
    This looks like a me wall post.
    I’m lame?

  46. Agreed with 42 and 43. I blame Zach Braff the man, not his show. Garden State ushered in a new era of this crap.

    Hitchens’ take on women being lame:

  47. The people saying this isn’t lame all sound really stupid. Yes it’s a wall post. It’s still annoying, trying to be wacky and random. Thinking this is lame has nothing to do with being boring, or needing to lighten up.

    And Amanda coming on here to defend herself is so lame that if it was on facebook I’d submit it. Pretending not to care… I bet some of the defensive comments here are from her.

    #43, #36, #17 and #28 are excellent

  48. ‘with bells on’. ‘boogy into town’ ‘lurrrve’ and even the ‘moi’ are all very obvious signs that these two are sad people who try to be like the character Georgia Nicholson in Louise Rennison’s books. Way to fail at having personalities…

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