Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Matters

Family Matters

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  1. em – exactly what i thought. portman rap. bam. great minds huh

  2. … it’s never a good idea to add your uncle/aunt/parents/grand-parents on facebook.

  3. Aunt Kath is a bitch. Jordyn is a pussy. Sarcasticmeow is far from intelligent. Boz is pretty on the level. ironicbark is fucking badass… and I’m a total loser for writing this.

    ….Shannon seems funny though.

  4. @Malnu #53: Oh, HAI baby bro! Thank you for the utmost objectivity and ruthless-but-honest criticism, as always. Love, /Your older sista.

  5. Talk about backtracking.

  6. Welcome to the internet, auntie.

  7. profile for family…

  8. Little does Aunt Kath know, he was actually talking about her!

  9. Noone. And I mean NOONE pointed out the glaring remark made by Aunt Kathleen!!

    She says “that’s just a vulgar thing to say on such a public form”.


    She only took offence to the fact that he said it openly in front of his friends. If it was in the form a private message then Aunt Kathleen would be getting it OONNNN. She could have said “that’s a vulgar thing to say, and that too on a public forum”.

    Clearly, Aunt Kathleen needed some TLC which Jordyn failed to gauge. I know. It’s sick. But I didn’t say it. Just pointing out what Aunt Kathleen stated explicitly!

    Jordyn should complain to his mother before she tels on him!

  10. thatswhat.shesaid

    Jordyn is a girl.

  11. Translation of jordyn’s last post: PLEASE DON’T TELL MUM!!

  12. “But, Mom?…”…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  13. I don’t get it. Jordyn says “I wanna fuck you” to his aunt Kathleen? But he doesn’t really want to fuck her? So basically he’s only saying “fuck you”, is that the joke?

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