Thursday, August 16, 2012

And the Nobel Prize goes to…

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  1. Ha nice!

  2. What about us, people who like the stink, and not so much the pink?

  3. If the penis enlargement creams worked, most guys would have one hand that looked like the incredible Hulks.

  4. So penis enlargement creams would turn your hand green?

  5. Morgan Freeman is the Lamebook staff in disguise.

  6. Morgan Freeman is an American actor, film director, and narrator.

  7. T2000/1000 is a 15 yd old douchebag in disguise… oh wait, no disguise there.

  8. To rebut the OP’s point: Babies would be en caesarean more often.

  9. *born. WTF?

  10. I’ve taken those pills, but only once

  11. But women don’t rate their femininity on the basis of vagina size.

  12. ^ That’s right. They use breast size, and there are countless creams and devices designed to fool women into thinking they can have larger breasts without implants.

  13. 100% factual and correct. A small penis is never the problem, the fault always lie in the wide vagina.

  14. fail/fake/fagg

  15. …except for slags.. they take great pride in being able to shove a 2L coke bottle up there.

  16. I really believe the OP is onto something though. Women may not rate their femininity on vagina size, but a woman who thinks a man has a small penis (or ALL men), may in fact just have an extremely large vagina.
    This should be looked into.

    Oh wait, it has. There are plenty of exercises women can do to shrink their cum dumpsters after pregnancy – they can be used anytime. Use them.

  17. ^overcompensating too hard, needle dick.

  18. ^ Nah, it sounded really well-put when I first thought of it… so I just typed that shit out. I sometimes amaze myself at my depth of rational and logical thinking.

  19. Dare I ask you Neil what op stands for?

  20. My eighth wife had a massive flappy pole hole, so I decided to give her some pills that would help with the situation.

    Luckily for me she took them all, so I could claim she committed suicide and it had nothing at all to do with me.

  21. This got lamebook turned on – they’ve spaffed next to the word “vaginas”.

    (Yes, I wiped my screen first to check it wasn’t me).

  22. Girls that need their vaginas shrunk, call me. I can get the job done.

    -Rick Moranis

  23. #19 OP = Original Poster

  24. Nails, here’s a hint: read over your mind-spew before posting. Don’t be afraid to delete and start again.

  25. ^why am I all bold? beatus??

  26. ^ I didn’t do it, as evidenced by the fact that your 2nd post is normal.

  27. ^but we all know how you tell lies, beat.

  28. If I did it, this would be bold, too.

  29. Maybe the @dmins have fixed the bug, so that a whole thread can’t be emboldened now.
    Let’s find out…

  30. So…

  31. Nope, still bold. You’re welcome.

  32. Sorry beatus. You can’t blame me for jumping to that conclusion though.

  33. beatus is more your ‘strikethrough’ kind of guy.

  34. ^ Not just strikethrough. If I’m going to fuck it up, I’m going all the way.

  35. Under-age virgins?

  36. @#2 Anal Kegel

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