Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not So Special Delivery

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  1. Hmm… I wonder what it looks like…

  2. fake. and stupid. lamebook is going under soon.

  3. ! ha awesome!

  4. Me too Jason, me too.

  5. My poo babies look like Tracy Morgan.

  6. Fail/Fake/Fagg

  7. until you can be born from the incredibly hairy loins of a bulgarian shotputter, you can make your own high-carb snacks?


  8. ^ So I take it you like your men shaven.

  9. I don’t know why women get all smug about being able to give birth. I’d much rather be able to pee standing up.

  10. ^ You can. It’s just more difficult to write your name in the snow.

  11. I don’t get it. She lays on her back and has two bitches and a dick service her? Sounds like she has plenty of time to make this fucker a sammy

  12. @Frankenstein, when forced to do your business in a disgusting petrol station bathroom, believe me, standing and peeing is not that difficult.

  13. ^Really?.. Interesting technique. I’ve always found placing a couple of layers of toilet paper on the seat is enough of a precaution.

  14. I’ll inform the coffee shop next door to where I work. I can imagine the conversation now, “Sorry guys, y’all make an amazing BLT, but I’m not an MD/nurse/anesthesiologist/person who has given birth, so it looks like I’m stuck making my own.”

  15. Until the gender bias in the workplace disappears and you make more money than me, you can go back to making me that sammich.

  16. @Frankenstein, you would think hey. If all that is standing between my precious vag and genital warts is a thin piece of shit paper…Anyways, i find it so much easier to just stand.

  17. Women. They’re a miracle of nature aren’t they? They’re like a carrier bag for life itself.

    For 10 months ladies carry your precious cargo about safe and sound and then, once they’re empty, they’re fucking useless, everyone hates you for having one and they kill seagulls at rubbish dumps.

  18. 10 months? Isn’t that angel sharks?

  19. These jokes are not funny!! Women/kitchen/sandwich jokes were never funny! Pick up your game lame book

  20. People are disgusting. As evidenced by their behavior and restroom etiquette witnessed at highway rest stops/fill stations across the globe. The way people treat public bathrooms is appalling…and all because they’re not the ones that have to clean it up..shit on the seat? Check! Piss on the floor? You fucking bet! Vomit in the wash basin? Hell, it’s practically mandatory! Wash my hands? Why should I? Hold on…hey! Buddy! Yeah, you! Can ya be a chap and hand me a paper towel so I can wipe this ketchup off my dick? I’m sorry, I’m not usually like this, it’s just that I’ve been driving all day and I was starving…That cheeseburger I found in the stall was just too enticing to pass up! Have a safe trip!

  21. women are fucking smug, and i’m a girl. i’m really ashamed sometimes that i wasn’t born a man, all women are pathetic…

  22. ^maybe all the women you know are pathetic, because they’re the only ones who will talk to your sorry ass?
    was that smug enough for you, you self-loathing hag?

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