Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awesome Dad

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  1. He’s a hipster!

  2. I was a hipster before being a hipster was cool!

  3. but what does “stabby” mean ???!!!

  4. ^ Give me your face for a second and I’ll show you.

  5. He meant, “Stubby.”

  6. Stabby like my liquid metal arm blades.

  7. I bet that guy’s dad is a hipster. I mean, he’s at Goodwill and what’s not to get at Goodwill other than miscellaneous clothing? I’m sure hipsters would also get fussy when there are other ‘hipsters’ at Goodwill getting clothes because they try to be as unique and original as possible and loathe people trying to copy. That’s why papa is feeling “stabby” at Goodwill.


  8. ^Or maybe he’s just poor and needs to buy clothes from there or he volunteers

  9. “Feeling stabby”
    As in
    “I want to stab them with my boner”

  10. I don’t know what stabby OR stubby means. And wtf is Goodwill?? And please define hipster?? Fuckin Egyptians

  11. You sound lost, dog. I think stabby is such a funny word. They all got a bit stabby…amazing.

  12. Also, I think ‘stabby’ is a reference to The Simpsons: in the episode where Marge starts a pretzel company, Fat Tony says, “I don’t get mad. I get stabby.” All-in-all, maybe the coolest dad ever.

  13. I feel stabby. Oh so stabby. I feel stabby, and shabby, and fake.
    And I pity any dad who isn’t me today.

  14. So is hating hipsters mainstream or not?
    Also “Feeling stabby” made me think of the web comic nuclear power with it’s stabbity time.

  15. Every time I go to Goodwill, I see these little bastards. I go because my baby is growing so fast he needs new clothes every month, and this is the most affordable option (baby clothes aren’t worn long so they’re always in good condition, even secondhand). Those bitches are there to dress ironically. It’s so annoying. Leave the clothes for people who can’t afford new ones, you pieces of shit!

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