Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby’s First Word

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  1. Some guys are just born cheats, they’ll always Wanda…xD

    *Gets coat*…

  2. ^Shut up.

  3. utterly fail/fake/fagg

  4. BORING!

  5. I fucked Wanda, she’s a whore.

  6. I met a Wanda once. It was a rather fitting name for a tranny.

  7. @beatusmongous only once is my line.

  8. your line sucks, btw.
    I wasn’t sure if anyone else had pointed that out, but I felt it should be done before you got too carried away.

  9. Hey Ms., since you’re here, what was your first word? Cunt, or muppet? Or some weird abo shit nobody understands?

  10. ^Think it was “butthurt”, it had a bad case of the nappy rash.

  11. gee i don’t remember. probably because i was an infant.
    i know what your first words were though – the same intolerable whiny bullshit that you’ve kept up your entire life since.

  12. My ninth sons first word was No…. we all know what that means really though eh?

    My sixth daughters’ first word was Garrghlerede …. Which is Botswanan for Irreducible.. Little genius she was.

  13. Ms. You know damn well I’m not educated enough to understand your big words. Can you break it down for me? What’s that, you were raised by gypsies? You don’t say! Actually that explains a lot….specifically the overwhelming scent of marijuana and patchouli that follows you around. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just…well, ya know?

  14. Again with the sluts that the slut cheated on the slut with.

    Other woman: Are you married, Mikey?
    Mikey: No, let’s have sex.
    Other woman: Okay!
    Wanda: Hey, I thought I was your slut!

  15. My first word was “doppelgänger.” I’m not sure why.

  16. My first word was “WTF”

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