Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. Stever, Ben, whutever.

  2. Ah, Carmen SanDiego.

    This is it, folks. This is literally the peak of the sheer comedic genius I’m going to get from this Lamebook post.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. I bet she does!

  4. I’ve never heard of Carmen SanDiego.

    Maybe it’s just 80’s nostalgia on my part, but I reckon it looks like Boy George.

  5. Or a young Ozzy Osbourne.

  6. I would be interested in knowing if that is an actual football training method… and if so, what exactly are they trying to improve? Last I checked, hiking the ball usually involves taking it in the rear.

  7. OMG! Carmen SanDiego! The person who took the pic has my respect and admiration. All the years of searching has finally come to an end.

    In the first pic, I wonder how the guy ended up as the other guy’s bitch.

  8. I do believe the footballer on the ground in the first picture has confused his role with the cheerleader’s. Unless things have changed since I was in high school…

  9. katypants FTW, haha.

  10. bumpit, yeah. I’ll pay a young Ozzy.

  11. #1 – Is there a name for this particular “play”?
    #2 – That is just a scary looking woman. And the shades don’t help.
    #3 – Because ‘crop’ is nothing more than the corn that grows behind the trailer park.
    #4 – Uh, she’s a non-lesbo female isn’t she? Case closed.

  12. bumpit – I think you’re thinking of catchers in baseball. I bet there are plenty of those guys in the football world too though.

  13. does the girl in pink in the third photo only have one arm?

  14. Last one, GENIUS.
    Gotta meet that guy.
    Good planner.

  15. Get it #14!

  16. 12 – I’m thinking football at the line of scrimmage when the quarterback yells the play and the Center snaps the ball. The quarterback has his hands up the center’s ass.

  17. Get thee to a nunnery.

  18. Hilarious!

    Also, the cheerleader in #1 looks like she has chocolate smeared around her mouth… does anyone else see this? i didn’t notice it at first because i got distracted by her jacked up grill

  19. @ bumpit I am thinking the reason why we can never find Carmen is because she hides out as ozzy. All this time.

    @ wordpervert Carmen SanDiego was a show in the usa and Canada where kids would go on and they would have to find where in the world Carmen SanDiego is.

  20. That last pic is classic =D

  21. CommentsAtLarge


    Sadly yes, that is a REAL football stretch. The guy standing pulls up on the face mask of the helmet of the guy kneeling to stretch his neck. Fun fact: my high school team successfully got the coach to remove that stretch from our warm ups. We convinced him it was due to risk of neck injury; truthfully, it was because we knew how bad it looked.

  22. Comments – awesome. I’ve been educated and amused today.

  23. I remember how Carmen San Diego got me into think a cappella music was the best thing ever

  24. As a British civilian, may I be the first to say American football sucks balls exactly like the guy in the picture demonstrates!!!! Try playing rugby. Now that is a true sport!

    Now the guy in the last pic is what I call a true opportunist…well done Sir.

  25. Is there anyone still looking for Carmen San Diego? I reckon there are more people looking for Waldo…

  26. I agree with gwang…. i AM still looking for Waldo.

  27. Don’t bash American Football. I admit the name doesn’t make sense…but I thoroughly enjoy watching it.

    They just wear pads so they can hit each other even harder than they do in rugby. I like rugby too, I just don’t follow it.

  28. tangalangadingdong

    #3 is an isometric exercise designed to warm up and strengthen the neck by applying pressure, alternately, to the front, back and both sides of the head. I’ve never seen it look so (homo)erotic.

    Ah, yes, the Brit/Aussie/US football debate. They are different games, with different hazards. Before the Brit/Aussie readers pile on, remember that the pads in US football – especially the helmet – are also weapons.

  29. tangalangadingdong


    Make that _#1_!!! I won’t venture to guess what, if anything, is being exercised and/or strengthened in #3!!!

  30. I always knew there was something just a bit odd about american football…tight pants, smacking arses, and now this!!

  31. I found Carmen san Diego AND Jesus in that picture

  32. knucklechildren

    Tangalang, as someone above posted, it’s a neck stretching exercise. Pretty much every high school has that exercise, although I don’t know if they do it at higher levels. You stretch the sides of the neck by putting your helmet against the teammate’s knee, then he puts his hands on top of the helmet and you push up, and then… as the picture shows, he grabs your helmet right above your eyes, and holds on while you try to push down. It always looks awful.

  33. number two!ahahaha thats great.
    and that cheerleader looks……gross,or like shes twelve yrs old,one of the two.

  34. I really hope that the guy in the last picture just randomly jumped into a ton of pictures that night.

  35. @ 21: Seriously?! That is so messed up!! I love it.

    Can someone explain to me what’s going on in the third picture?

  36. Notice the girl on the toilet in the background….

  37. @31 hah You’re right. I had to go back and look after your comments. Double win for this picture!

  38. Oh my lord… Good ol Carmen San Diego!

    props to the guys who saw that

  39. It saddens me that there’s a generation of kids (now adults) who only know Carmen Sandiego from that horrible game show. Before it was a game show, Carmen Sandiego was a series of educational video games that were far more entertaining than that lame show could ever be.

  40. @texasbeauty – I think that might just be her dimples? I could be wrong.

    I remember one of the incarnations of PC games for Carmen Sandiego, it was a ton of fun.

  41. The last one is awesome.

  42. So I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I sure as hell didn’t do that “neck stretching exercise” when I played football in high school. Whatever happened to good ol’ neck rolls?

  43. The coolest thing about the Carmen Sandiego photo…that is on the San Diego Trolley!

  44. need more background checks

  45. Rofl go away please

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