Monday, August 8, 2011

Background Checks

More excellent background checks here and here!

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  1. The first one’s posed to look like that. Hardly Lamebook worthy.

  2. The shadow couple getting their freak on.

  3. Wasn’t the first one on WinningAtEverything or AsMyJunk like a month ago? WinningAtRecycling!

  4. Number 2 is NSFW: Not Safe For Wanking.

  5. What makes you think the first one is posed?

  6. The silhouette is too perfect.
    Their pose is somewhat unnatural; their half-smiles suggest they’re posing for the camera, not being snapped in the middle of some action, so why is she leaning forward so much and his arm held forward just so?
    But most conclusively, the framing of the shot – why are they not in the middle of the picture? Instead the camera’s pointed just far enough to the left to include the shadows.

    Good picture all the same.

  7. No. 2 makes me want do anything but fap, something about her eyes. And her fat arse. And appalling dress sense. And she’s ginger.

  8. i reckon no.1 is legit. they are pretty much centred, well, she is at least, given that it looks like she has just had her turn at beer pong. Maybe the photographer should get his tripod out to appease sulli’s suspicions next time.

  9. yodawg and Paradroid, you guys are absolutely right about picture number 2, but the number 2 in picture number 3 is entirely fapworthy.

  10. Soup … that’s disgusting, even for lamebook standards.


  11. You complacent retards are missing the point. While you’re killing your brain cells and wasting time, the Shadow People are fucking reproducing!!

    Soon there will be enough of them to launch their assault on us. And they are cruel bastards. If you think it will be ok because they will still let you be projections on multiple planes of varying orientations, you are GREATLY mistaken! They will most likely project you on one plane and then project that projection on a perpendicular plane. Do retain exiles know what that means?! You will all be LINES of various lengths and orientations!!! Ohhhh yeah, you laugh now. You just wait!!!!!!

  12. See!? They have already started! They turned “you imbeciles” into “retain exiles.” Oh God, you fucking cunt, why won’t you help us??

  13. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I like the 1st one, posed or not. If it’s not shopped.

    The 2nd one was probably cropped before being sent in and doesn’t appear that way on Facebook.

  14. I see that PA has noted the fashion crimes being committed by the girl in #2, but what about the girl in #3? I bet it’s because she’s got great boobs that you men didn’t notice the fashion catastrophe going on below them.

  15. word and Soup – Granted, No. 3 has great boobs but am a little unsure as to her age, hence the non-fappage. No excuse for those shorts and socks though, the kind of clothing that Stevie Wonder would wear if he were left to his own devices.

  16. Soup wasn’t talking about fapping to the girl, PA. Not the one in the foreground, anyway. You should know this about him by now, silly.

  17. You have a point word, she would certainly look better without all those clothes.

  18. LOL at Soup and Walter today

  19. #3 should be more embarrassed about the boxers/socks/flip-flops combo.

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