Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Girls Ain’t Cry


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  1. He wanted to cry obviously, otherwise why mention it in the first place? Pussy.

  2. he? LaBreya is OBVIOUSLY a female name, duh.

  3. this is exactly why we need help in inner city schools. she aint got want 2 learn what the inglish cuz she aint no punk. its sad when spell check just says WTF. thanks for that gem though Sparkle, sorry, LaBreya.

  4. Now, there’s one scared *igger

  5. Raykwanius Delmontay Washington

    whatchoo mean “you people”?
    why brey gotta be a he?
    why you hatin on da spellcheck?
    damn ninja – ima git suh-in ta drink
    yo! who gaydade?

  6. isn’t she the “they lemonades is where it’s at” girl?

  7. Lamebook is a hotbed for racism… mostly of the anonymous variety.

  8. LaBreya? Like the Avenue and Tar Pits in LA?

  9. Yes, El. But with an extra “y” for added zestiness.

  10. Surely you aint cry coz you aint no punk, rather than it being some initiation procedure.

  11. What kind of a wimp cries when they get a tat done? I have the sole of my left foot done – and I’m a girl – I didn’t even feel the urge to cry >.<'

  12. I’m a punk. :/

  13. Who the hell names their kid “LaBreya?”-that’s a street in Los Angeles and the name of some tar pits

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