Thursday, April 28, 2011


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  1. cottage cheese

  2. So, what the fuck is ‘snap back’ because I have a really bad mental image.

    Time to revive the ‘Frodo’ shout out I reckon so FRODO.

  3. bennyblancofromtherock

    Snap back is an old baseball cap where you adjust the size with that plastic snap with the holes and nobs.

  4. Kinky.

  5. @3 Thanks, not helped with horrifying mental image though.

  6. I had to google it, Paranoid.

  7. Why the fuck did I have to click on that shit to read the rest of the entries?

    Fuck you lamebook, I quit.

  8. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @PA, porn and banjo music what a lovely combo.

  9. @thissitesucks2 from your username I deduct that you registered to this website just to share this insight with us. So it’s too much of a hassle to click on “read more” but you can log in just to post a pointless message (because really, who gives an Eff if you come here or not?).
    You’re a loser.

  10. @oatmeal : I’ve been viewing this site for a while and it’s been getting annoying. The fact that I registered just to post about how it sucks should really say something about how much it sucks.

    Are you saying that you like having to pointlessly click to expand when it used to be it was only for NSFW stuff? Why would you support something like that? You’re a loser.

  11. @thissitesucks2–then dont “view this site” fucktard. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

  12. What’s Jesse’s problem? If he’s Feher’s boss, keeping him from using his computer is hardly effective employee management. If he’s his co-worker, what the fuck does he care why he took time off? Fuck you, Jesse. And maybe he did take time off to study. Dude can’t take a quick video game break during a marathon study, sesson? WTF, Jesse?? Sorry, nosy people piss me off.

  13. Lamebook to me is like an old formerly fun friend after a lobotomy.I remember the days of anonisgay and british hobo. Lamebook has dropped standards from days when the ‘click to see more’ thingy meant nsfw. That said I still come back. Old habits are the hardest to break.

  14. I soo have never the “brb in 10” …


  15. ifitwerentformyhorse

    This site used to be so much better. (Before I ever posted comments. Oops.) But seriously, if you hate it that much go somewhere else.

    Brb in 10 minutes.

  16. Normally sites like to improve shitty parts of them so people keep coming.

    I guess it’s just a better idea to tell everyone to fuck off. You guys are smart, you should open up your own business and call it “Fuck Off Mart” and see how well it goes.

  17. Maybe we will. We’ll sell to people like you who keep coming back even though they say it sucks and complain all the time

  18. I don’t think you understand the purpose of complaints.

  19. Well we commenters cant do anything about it, and the LB powers that be probably WONT do anything about it…its not like we pay to visit this site, they run it with no contributions from the fans, i imagine if we DID have to pay, they would try to be a bit more hospitable, but if we had to pay, no one would be on this site in the first place. Complaining for complaining’s sake is just annoying. If you were complaining to achieve a goal, good for you but no benefit will come from YOUR complaining.

  20. We can do something about it, provide them with feedback on it. Being outspoken about it causes more people to provide feedback on it. Sorry for not simply bending over and asking for more.

    If you think that this site doesn’t make money, you are out of your mind. This isn’t a non profit site. They are making a lot off of ad revenue amongst other things. That’s how the internet works.

  21. If they planned to take our legitimate complaints in consideration, they would have put the Dashboard back to the way it was.

    They don’t care…

  22. Whine, whine.

  23. @thissitesucks2… sfu!!! this site suks remember..?
    please go away… for at least 10 min

  24. Whatever, keep spreading your cheeks and let ’em slide it right in.

  25. If you care so much, thissitesucks2, then email them directly about it! theres a way to do that you know!

  26. It’s just a website! If you don’t like it and they obviously don’t care about it, go somewhere else. Or make your own website. Saying it sucks on the comments will get you nowhere, and you just make people think you’re a whiny loser. But in all seriousness, it’d just a click, why do you make such a big deal out of it?

    P.s. – fuck off mart was the lamest comment ever, maybe you are on the right website..

  27. ifitwerentformyhorse

    LMAO!!! thissitesucks2, like oatmealandi said, you are making way too big of a deal out of this. LB is really not that important. Seriously.

  28. Getting all worked up over quite insignificant things is fun.

  29. I just made a remark about how stupid something was. You’re the ones getting all defensive about it.

    It’s pretty funny how you guys are arguing with me despite the fact that you actually agree on my initial point.

  30. Defensive? I can’t stress more how much I don’t care about either subjects: you or the read more
    I don’t understand why you think we agree with you, we stated pretty clearly that we don’t

  31. Bro. Writing a couple of paragraphs in defense of the website and calling me a loser twice is defensive. That’s textbook shit right there, no ambiguity about it.

    People disagree on the fact that I was complaining. Not the complaint itself. Well except for you, but you’re clearly some kind of fanboy for this site if you actually like doing that “feature”.

  32. @thissitesucks2 tell it to someone who gives a damn

  33. The fact that thissitesucks2 took the time to register just to reveal that he had been butthurt by a below average post is rather humorous. Other than that, nothing to see here.

  34. I see all these people saying they don’t care yet pretty much this entire comment page is about me. Something doesn’t add up here.

  35. ifitwerentformyhorse

    It’s definitely not about you. At least half of these comments are FROM you.

  36. I see math isn’t your specialty.

  37. *speciality

  38. Um no, I meant specialty. Not a typo, a different word dummy.

  39. Ha, not a dummy, just an Aussie. You’re totally right, my bad. That spelling/pronouciation isn’t that common over here, but it’s the same meaning.

  40. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @thissitesucks2 – I’m not about to count how many asinine comments you posted, dumbass.

  41. Well you should, poop butt. Not that you would need to to make a simple observation that your estimations are way off.

  42. @thissitesucks2 why are you so offended that people think what you did is dumb? It is.

  43. thissitesucks2

    I’m not offended silly.

    Why are you so offended in my reaction to people’s reaction to my action?

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