Monday, July 20, 2009

Chewy’s World

Chewy's World

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  1. Chewy’s World! Party time! Excellent!

  2. Any girl who calls herself Chewy has problems.

  3. That blurred photo really does make her/him resemble Chewbacca.

  4. I don’t know any sexy wookies… or wookies to begin with

  5. Chew yourself out of the internet will ya

  6. Make a pledge to lose weight, even with the picture blurred your face looks incredibly round.

  7. Laughing Hysterically

    are u fucking kidding me? is this kid 9?

  8. it must be one of those idiots.

  9. the next elmo

  10. I think the blurred photo is actually someone’s cooter. Her chewy, sexy cooter.

  11. The type of girl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum…


  13. I think this is a girl I used to work with.
    I went to her facebook to look though and she has erased all her statuses. *sigh*

  14. If you couldn’t see ANY of her statuses, she probably has her security set so that you can’t view them…….

  15. i know this person, and it is a guy.

  16. This person has an unbelievably over-developed sense of self importance. You ARE NOT that awesome. Get over yourself. This makes you sound like a trully arrogant pig.

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