Thursday, November 22, 2012

Count Me In

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  1. Please do this in a “Right to Carry” state.

    I can see the headlines now:

    “Would be Furry Rapists shot in front of Texas Walmart.”

  2. Thats best buy, stubbyholder.

  3. It’s Texas. I’m willing to accept Walmart as an acceptable alternative.

  4. It’s an awesome idea until he gets tranq’ed in the ass.

    There are plenty of Best Buy stores in Texas. It’s not a backwoods state even though it I portrayed as such.

  5. So people are actually camping outside what I assume is a bargain store in order to get even cheaper bargain prices for piss poor quality shit? It’s like post WWII Eastern Europe all over again isn’t it.

  6. ^ Nah, Best Buy is actually a home electronics store, and their prices aren’t very good compared to Fry’s and some others I have seen. They just have cool displays, some exclusive items, and they own Geek Squad, a computer maintenance crew that makes house calls.

    But, yeah, people camp out in front because they are idiots.

  7. For some reason I thought Walmart would be funnier. Frys is fantastic if you want shit that has been re-boxed and doesn’t work (which was the reason it was returned in the first place).

  8. Ah, I stand corrected.

    Is it bad that my immediate response to “Geek Squad, a computer maintenance crew that makes house calls” was ‘bow chicka wow’?

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