Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crappy Photos



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  1. Better whisky shits than whisky dick, I say.

  2. what the french are whisky shits? and ignoring the weirdness in pic 2, i love their shower curtain….

  3. @funktrunks- you’re supposed to put “first” on the first comment

  4. I like skeezers.

  5. Whiskey Shits also known as Beer Shits.

    The morning after the night before.

  6. Rum’n’coke shits. Been there.

  7. I would have stolen his luggage

  8. That is a nice shower curtain…but holy shit!
    …i guess he needed something to hold on to?

  9. I like turtles.

  10. It’s bad enough to know that I am viewing a picture that was snapped while a massive dump was taking place..must I also see what appears to be black bikini underwear stretched tightly across his ankles?

    The guy in the second picture is sporting boxers, and what appears to be cleanly shaved legs. The dog looks terrified, and I don’t blame him. I’m scared for him myself. I see a beer bottle on the sink. I’m assuming this guy has the “beer shits”.

    My head hurts.

  11. @1 – indeed
    @2 – i used to own that shower curtain. we got it at wal-mart or marshalls or something else gross like that. i liked it up until now.

  12. Was he constipated for awhile and afraid that he was about to be ripped in two and needed emotional support? Or is the dog like a canary in a mine, if the smell kills it others know to run? So many questions so little interest.

  13. I don’t geddit at all…sigh…

  14. The dog could honestly just be hanging out. My cats do it frequently when I’m on the loo.

  15. And who was taking the picture and why

    And why do i even care ?

  16. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    This is much the same way that Tung lost his virginity in Teeny Tiny Wins…

  17. The voice at the airport only tells you to make sure you know the location of your luggage at all times…there’s no requirement to record it for posterity.

  18. LMAO Father Sha !

  19. That poor dog (Duncan?) has not had its face blurred out so all of its friends will be laughing at him. I also notice that the dog is licking its face clean… I fear some unnatural act has taken place. Woof woof.

  20. He must have been like : hey mum i m taking a dump with the dog on my lap , come take a picture. That would make a great christmas postcard , mum.

  21. Or they were really proud that he was finally potty trained . So they decided to share it with the world

  22. @ratcoon’s widow- Oh snap! It DOES look like the first guy is wearing girly black undies. I don’t know what’s worse, telling everyone you had whiskey shits or accidentally revealing your love for women’s underwear to the world.

  23. Is it just me or are those headphones in his pants?

    BTW hi! I am a newbie here and this site has been my entertainment for the past week. Love it!

  24. I’m surprised such a clean bathroom belongs to someone gross enough to take toilet shots.

  25. There does seem to be headphones his pants. Thats weird.

  26. The headphones are to keep his balls warm? Seeing as his underwear is short on the material side…

  27. I can’t shake the image of this guy’s penis dancing around with the headphones over his balls.

  28. that poor dog…

  29. After Booze Bog (ABB) or After Grog Bog (AGB) is the slang floating around here. I realise the lad is on the toilet and all, but there is something really creepy about a man having a small dog on his lap while not wearing any pants. On that note i’m going to Chunderdome!

    #’s 12, 17, 19, 20 & 21 – LMFAO!!!

  30. I’ve been in way smaller stalls. I was in one so small my knees were up against the door and I had to squish my face against the door when leaning forward to wipe!

    For the man with the dog – I understand.. when I had cats they would always visit me in the bathroom. Even if they were sleeping. If I got up and went in there, they’d run there like it was petting time. wtf @ animals. also, wtf @ posting pictures of you on the toilet regardless.

  31. Well I don’t understand. Shut the frikkin’ DOOR, douche. Keep the dogs OUT.

    Rules for the potty:
    1. Don’t put your head gear next to where your ass has been
    2. Don’t keep animals with nails on your naked lap
    3. Don’t record anything for posterity that involves your limp penis

  32. Booze Poos!
    I don’t see the need people get to take photos of them shitting, or someone else taking a photo of them molesting a dog.

  33. insert clever name here

    @Anitalaff – I agree. One should only keep animals with hooves on their naked laps. My pony sits on my lap when I pee.

  34. INSERT..
    excellent. Can we have a pic?

  35. I’m glad to learn that you pee sitting down.

  36. Strategic Yorkie placement.

  37. @insert clever name here: or in the case of horse, ponies etc behind you with their hoofs on your waste (not you personally). I hear some chicks have made good money that way, and made many a animal feel good about themselves!

  38. Make pony love, not war

  39. posty mcposterson

    @33 insert clever name here – LMAO

  40. The second guy has really nice legs. Do I need professional help?

  41. Those legs are especially hot in some some short-cut lederhosen down at the club.

  42. Is he fornicating that dog?!

  43. The beer in the bathroom in pic#2, blech, and the damn dog is licking his lips, double blech….ppl are tards…”the sheer stupidity of people never ceases to amaze or amuse me…”

  44. Looks like Duncan may have to wear a pad today to stop every thing falling out.

  45. these pictures need to die. ‘OH LOOK AT ME IM ON A TOILET IM SO COOL’


  46. Hahaha I like how that guy shaves his legs mmmmmmmm 😛

  47. haha, ive never seen a guy with shaved legs

  48. UncreativeUsername

    so who agreed to take a photo of the second dude on the shitter is what i want to know

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