Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dad Wins

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  1. beatusmongous

    Six months later, Mom and Dad got married.

  2. (FAKE)

  3. Fake comment: Does T1000 seriously have nothing better to do, or is he always refreshing the page waiting for a new post to post what’s been posted many posts before?

  4. I think it’s obvious from the comments that Justin E is the son and Ted E is that dad. Or are we that dumb here, they thought we needed it pointed out to us?

  5. MarioLizard you are fake.

  6. Curlybap, looking at some of the comments posted in previous threads I would say yes, some people around here do need that pointed out.

  7. huh? who’s the dad? Mike?


  9. .. waiting for a dullard to turn up and correct msanne from their lofty tower of smug, humourless ivory.

  10. Oh HAHAHAHA. Not.

  11. Hmmm yes you’re right frankenstein. I can think of one or two.

  12. it actually takes 10 months to gestate a baby

  13. dude’s clearly a preemie. he has that ‘special’ quality.

  14. #8.. T1000, do you understand humour? MsAnnes comment was a joke, a funny one at that.

  15. T1000 I am so disappointed to see you keep breaking character. I was so impressed with your stalwart geekiness in the face of such abuse but not it seems you have just given up and in doing so lost all your credibility as a fake wannabe robot.

  16. @tr_willk, not always. The medical profession date a pregnancy from the start date of the last menstrual period, which occurs around 2 weeks before conception. Due date is calculated for 40 weeks from that date, but a baby can be born from 37 weeks and still be considered term (ie not premature) So the minimum time it takes to gestate a baby is 35 weeks, or 8.75 months. Of course some babies get comfortable and take much longer than that….

    …oh sorry. For a moment there I forgot where I was.

  17. Don’t encourage him Bobger

  18. tr_willk, if you think 40 weeks = 10 months, then you are a fucking idiot.
    If I just allowed myself to be trolled, then I am a fucking idiot.

  19. ^ do you mind if we just simplify things and call you a fucking idiot anyway?
    i think i might take that route.

  20. ^’we’. you always use this ‘we‘ bullshit, as though there was some consensus to your continued existence.

  21. yeah i’ve taken over your role of speaking on behalf of the entire lamebook community you see.
    so sorry.

  22. so do you actually have anything to fucking say, then? because you’ve been nothing if not completely fucking underwhelming pretty much across the board.

  23. what, on behalf of the lamebook community? what i’m channelling is mostly butthurt and rage msanne, against both of us.
    it’s all good though, right? i don’t mind, and i know you don’t.

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