Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dan has Good Taste


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  1. Mystic Meg says this will end with a cock in someone’s mouth

  2. this is actually funny! Here is a cool mom, accepting a cock in his son s mouth

  3. It would be much funnier had Dan said “… again.”

    Karin and Tim seem to have a good relationship, and also quite mature. Tim didn’t go ‘ew yuck wtf’.

  4. hahaha win.

  5. This is funny.

    Hi Dan!!!!!!


  6. Haha. Excellent.

  7. I seriously laughed out loud. BAHAHAHA

  8. looks like mom is gay friendly

  9. Mom is gay joke friendly for sure.

    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  10. Whenever moms get on facebook they change from sweet nuturing maternal figures to either psycho-crazies or stupidly retarded 12 year olds

  11. This is too funny…

  12. Reminds me when I used to blow my dad and my mother used a wooden pickle on me.

  13. OMG That was too awsome. It had just the right amount of sass. Between the mom and kid they definatley embarresed dan….LOVE it

  14. Anyone called “Karin” is cool with me.

  15. Dan will always be remembered as the “cock in mouth” guy. Great.

  16. Poor Dan.
    This is something me and my mum would do to someone.

  17. Mcowles has just reminded me:

    What ever happened to Anonisgay!?!?!

  18. @ hmmm : now that you mention it. This fake “mcowles” has shown up just about the time that anonisgay disappeared. AND, I called him out on posting stuff from the internet and claiming it as his own.

    It’s all starting to make sense! ANONIS!!!! I’M SORRY!!!! Well, not really… I never had a problem with him, I just pointed out one post, that’s all.

  19. And that reminds me, I love to fist myself.

  20. I miss anonisgay. He brought a ray of sunshine to any lame lamebook postings and was far more funny than many of the other retarted commenters.

    Y’see? – too many uptight frigtards scared the funny little man away.

    Hopefully he is entertaining commenters on another post somewhere in the blogiverse. Otherwise, RIP anonisgay “you’ll miss me when I’ve gone”.

  21. This may be the funniest fail/win ever on Lamebook. Succinct and brutal, with warm fuzzies to follow up. I can see Karin laughing her butt off as she types those exclamation marks!!!!!!

  22. The fact that Karin didn’t seem offended by Dan’s comment is great. If Karin is single, I would like to be Timothy’s new stepdad.

  23. @headless

    You’re fooling no one, AnonIsGay

  24. haha Boz, I think Anonis has been posting more often, since he started using different names, than he did WITH AnonisGay.

  25. wished he ask the mum you need some cock!!!

  26. Awesome. This isn’t lame at all, it’s comedic genius!

  27. Timothy’s mother rocks!

  28. Haha, my name is Karin and I hope to be as cool a mom someday LOL.

  29. am i the only one who thinks dan won? they didnt outsmart him or pwn him or whatever at all. they’re just lame.

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