Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dare to Share

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  1. stever

  2. Good poo status’. Always fun.

  3. I don’t get the second one…

  4. Why the fuck would anyone smoke out of a used tampon? If you are that desperate to get high, you need to re-evaluate your recreational activities.

  5. *Agrees with eusadnama*
    You have to be pretty damn bored to even think up the idea of smoking a tampon! It’s even more depressing that didn’t even look like it was a drunk status…

    Her social life must really have taken a nose dive :L

    An interesting blog about our planet:

  6. Big Bird.

  7. Riverside you’re a cunt.

  8. Barney learned a valuable lesson in what happens when you live a sinful life. Had he not engaged in pre-marital relations, God would not have given him that STI. Hopefully he will see the error of his ways and give himself to the Lord. If not, he will spend an eternity regretting his meretricious ways.

    “Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolators, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers –none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.”
    – Corinthians 6:9-11

  9. Amen brother.

    P.S. I’m still waiting for your password.

  10. Matt made me feel sick to my stomach.

  11. dan_faggis, if your god really does exist, we’re all going to spend an eternity regretting we were ever born. Damned to hell if we’re “bad”; damed to eternity with people like you if we’re “good”.

  12. @dan, Why just the male prostitutes? Is this the one and only time it’s better to be female according to your invisible and i must say rather vengeful BFF?

    Also I think Kirby had really had enough already.

  13. *damned, not “damed”… although that could be interesting, too.

  14. I depressed for that fact that idolators will not “inherit the Kingdom of God”. I was really looking forward to roam the kingdom.
    Now, just so that I dont left behind, while people like Matt, Chaser and Liz inherit the kingdom of God, I will go home today and throw out the idol of Jesus.

  15. Foxtrot Uniform

    Hey walter GFY*

  16. Whoa whoa whoa. Walter is amazing. You must be new if you can’t see it; go back a few months. His humor is a little rough around the edges, sometimes bitterly sarcastic, but once you get it, he’s really quite funny.

  17. @katypants, I see the humour but i get some satisfaction from baiting him although i lack the finesse of some of the commentators here.

  18. Riverside motherfucker

  19. Will you people get with the program already? Fargis is not a real Christian, he’s just trying to get a rise out of you…

  20. Riverside Mental Institution?

    Walter and his stories about Agnus crack me up. How is she treating you these days cheif?

    I like the Spawn version of heaven and hell personally. It’s not about being good or bad, it’s about being the most badass individual ever so you can get recruited into one or the others army for the final battle between the two sides. Regardless of whether I’m in hell or heaven, I play to win bitches. Peace out mofo.

  21. Fargis is funny. Walter Sobchak is hilarious. I loves me some Hobo. But Riverside is a cunt.

  22. @amtrak4lovers, you recognised the song where the name is from then 🙂 wondered if anyone would lol (either that or you were just being abusive :L )

  23. I see dan’s trap still lures people off the bridge

  24. some people have lives so sad that they think up of stupid things to say on facebook just to get a reaction

  25. I’m not quite sure how you know you have the best foetus in the world.

    Barney, use a condom you utter tard.

  26. Super Nintendo Chalmers


    Care to weigh in on Asher? Maybe his charlie horses are the wrath of God?

    An interesting blog about cunts:

  27. Haha what’s to bet that you lot getting all worked up over a link have fuck-all social life LOL. Getting your thrills out of calling people a cunt over the internet is a real good use of your hopefully short life 🙂

  28. @dan_fargis….dude….I’m a Christian and that made even me want to take a shotgun to my face.

  29. @27 Riverside

    *le sigh* Posting links to the same thing as the link in your name is just redundant and douchy. It’s the commenter equivalent of douchiness to people taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror. How is your POWERSTANCE!?

    At least you have stopped though…

  30. Just a second, Dan wrote male prostitutes specifically… Soooo, does that mean female prostitutes may inherit the kingdom of god?

  31. God’s cool with hos.

    I have to say, I really do hate getting charlie horses while masturbating though.

  32. @nuff I think he covered the female prostitutes when he said adulterers and the sexually immoral….. but then I also think he is a douche who has no idea what he’s talking about so I guess you can pretty much just ignore him.

  33. lol

  34. Bdie, I usually just ignore him as well unless I see something remotely amusing. Also, I wouldn’t call hookers sexually immoral adulterers. They just happen to be poorly treated employees of an entrepreneurial business with an alternative health plan that includes cocaine and various other drugs. It’s the people who buy these ladies that are immoral adulterers. And Jesus can never get too many hoes in his kingdom, he started off with one and ends up with millions. STI’s just send them there more quickly.

  35. Hahaha, if only they had good management, the world would be a better place. Damn those pesky pimps.

  36. Even as an atheist, I dig dan_fargis. He’s hilarious!

  37. Yeah, yeah, dan, I know, I’m gonna burn in hell. I still dig you!

  38. I just love that he thinks God singled poor old Barney out, out of the millions of people having sex every day, and said…….shouldn’t have done that, BAM STI. Amazing.

  39. bdie: “BAM STI” LMAO!

  40. Bdie: I so just pictured some old fat guy on a cloud looking at the world as a pot and going BAM STI!! like he was spicing his dish…

    damn you Emeril Legasse….you ruined my brain when it comes to the word BAM!

  41. Fecesbook.

  42. Poo updates are so funny *eyeroll* . . . when you are twelve

    I am puzzling over what anyone could want to smoke so badly they’d be willing to do so out of a used tampon. Does he mean the actual USED pon or is he maybe referring to the carboard or plastic tube it once resided in??

    Either way, dude, that’s nasty.

  43. how would you even smoke out of a used tampon,the actual tampon or the used applicator..?idek how that would work.unless you put the weed in the fatter end and smoke out of the skinny end,like a crack pipe or something..ha,wtf..
    why wouldn’t you just roll it in toilet paper or something if you’re that desperate..

  44. so, i dont know if this has been said yet (cause i’m too lazy to read all the comments), but i’m pretty sure kirby is referring to a tampon APPLICATOR!!!

    lmao, there’s no way you could smoke “out” of a legit USED tampon… its not even possible.

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