Monday, May 23, 2011

Douche Delivery

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  1. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Yes Yes Yes, f-ing first!

  2. Why are the first AND last names of the commenter on the first one fuzzed out? Did he/she fear an ass-whupping from Snooki and ‘the Situation’ or something?

  3. Jersey Shore Sunscreen??? Wow that’s close to being an oxymoron about morons!!!

  4. I’m desperately trying to think of a ‘clever, clevage’ pun. Not happening I’m afraid. Little help?

  5. 1- Meh
    2- She’s most likely just taking the piss. Those with a dark sense of humour will find it funny. It’s funny
    3- She’s pretty much got the different methods of self-shooting spot on. Well on. Also, I like her boobs.

  6. comparethemeerkat

    I’m just waiting for cheeese to write a overly-contrived, sick post about these pictures.

    Come on cheeese, I thought you would be all over this?

    Not got an AIDS joke, or a reference to cavernous vaginas, or black man rape, or other such hilariousness?

    Come on, sit yourself down at the computer for an hour, make the joke as ‘sick’ as possible then finish with a reference to a certain type of cheese.

    No? Moldy macaroni.

  7. I think the last one must be making fun of posing…

  8. Where the fuck is this Hitler thing? I wanna know so I can go there and burn it

  9. Hey hey now, he had pretty nice cheekbones. And his moustache… just… wow.

  10. MsBuzzkillington

    At first I was annoyed by the last one, but I think I think she is definitely mocking others so I like it now.

    Wow, I forgot about all the great things Hitler did for us. I don’t know where I’d be if I never got to read the book Anne Frank.

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    Sunscreen sold under the name of a show full of tanning freaks, now that’s funny.

    Makster’s right, good job #3 – and I like your boobs.

  12. #3 is a fucking stupid slut who desperately wants to post pictures utilizing whorish poses. So she does it under the guise of mockery while receiving the exact negative attention whore sluts want. If you liked her boobs, you fell for it. Maybe her next bout of social commentary will include doing porn to show us all how slutty porn stars are.

  13. CommentsAtLarge

    Fell for it, right… orrrr we just like boobs.

  14. So, the meaning of slut has gone from “a girl who sleeps around indiscriminately” to “a girl who takes pictures of herself.” In either case it’s usually an insult flung around by guys who aren’t getting any. Way to be bitter.

  15. I knew someone would pull the bitter card. I’m not bitter, I just can’t stand people who use scapegoats like this girl. If she wants everyone to holla at her goodies, she should just be honest about it.

  16. Whoa some one is a little pissy, let me guess, you were the submitter?
    She forgot the Half face pic and the looking off in the distance while biting lip thoughtfully picture.

  17. Lamebook: Where all da girls have big pixels.

  18. Has NOBODY noticed the fact that photo #3 said that hand gesture is the “peace/rock on” sign? It’s the bullhorns, JUST “rock on”. The peace is the index and middle finger up, not the index and pinky. She’s either confusing that gesture with the “love” sign, which has the thumb out as well as the index and pinky, or the surfing “hang loose”, which is the index and thumb out.

    Children of facebook, if you’re going to mock others you need to at the very least get your facts straight, as trivial as it may seem. Now she just appears stupid.

  19. Carbon, I took it as her saying that the generic picture has someone either doing a peace sign or a rock on sign. So in order to do it, you choose a peace sign or rock on sign (she chose the latter) or “mix things up”.

  20. Drunk people are funny. 🙂

  21. Of course, carbon, you don’t appear *at all* stupid for calling them ‘bullhorns’. Do you? No. Not at all.

  22. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Lamebook: Where I can pretend to be a German with a colostomy bag!

  23. comparethemeerkat Macaroni is not a type of cheese it is a type of pasta.

  24. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Clearly the last one is mocking people who post pictures like that. Calling her a slut makes no sense, and anyway, it’s a term people only throw around because it’s supposed to be insulting.

    She obviously chose the rock on sign, I don’t know why carbon would expect her to be able to do both the peace sign and another sign in one picture with one hand. Oh and the “hang loose” is NOT the index and thumb, it’s the pinkie and thumb. And now caron just appears stupid.

  25. ifitwerentformyhorse

    (carbon not caron. Typo.)

  26. This is lamebook. People are on it for being lame. #3 is lame.

  27. ifitwerentformyhorse

    She may be lame, but anybody who thinks that having the index finger and thumb out is something that surfers do is even more lame.

  28. No, she’s not being lame. She’s being funny like the heavy chick who posted the chola makeup tutorial on youtube. There are plenty of things here on lamebook that are not lame. Look at the archives.

  29. Hey faifai, thanks for the information. I’ll def give the archives a glance to help me form some shitty opinions of scapegoat humor.

  30. She’s lame for wearing spandex. Simple as that.

  31. I took the “peace or rock on” as if she implied that the sign she was doing was both. Since there is no proof what she meant and it could be taken either way then neither of us are right.

    Yes, “hang loose” is the pinkie and the thumb. I put “index” without thinking. My mistake.

    I imagine I’m talking to a bunch of 14-year-olds here and they probably aren’t such assholes in real life, so I’m not taking this seriously.

  32. jackpot doesn’t know what “scapegoat” means.

  33. I have a feeling that the fruit never lines up for jackpot.

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