Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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  1. Yeah Nancy you probably DON’T wanna know what it is. And Ash – at a wedding, much less your OWN wedding? Stay classy. P.S. Is the wedding cake going to be made of Ho-Hos?

  2. Tofu, if she’s turnpiking against the groom, or if they plan on having an open marriage, then it is very classy. So judgmental!

  3. Tofu the good thing is that the jersey turnpiking will probably cause some Lamebook posts when someone’s grandma sees them doing it and calls them out on it, those skanky hos!

  4. I touch myself.

  5. I want pictures from the reception.

  6. Natty Light and Cool Whip serving dishes? Princess Sebum is a little too high class for me.

  7. Ok, Nancy is not the only one. Do I want to know?

  8. Curly, it is when a girl bends over and puts her hands on the floor while dancing, usually grinding her buttocks against a guy.

  9. Holy shit, mad2 is back….and I learned a new thing today: Turnpiking. LB is so educational.

  10. Before turnpiking was turnpiking it was the perrito.

  11. My mom wishes she had the sex life so many teenage boys attribute to her.

  12. People do have silly names for stuff

  13. Ahhh I didn’t know that thing I did in the club every Saturday night actually had a name …..

  14. Soup, that made me chuckle. 🙂

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