Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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  1. I have moose
    Come be Swedish in good ole Canada

  2. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Moose is good tucker and Canada…. Well what can I say, nothing bad obviously but that’s more because my mother is living there.

  3. Once found a dead moose on the side of the road .. me and my buddies propped it up against a fence so it looked like it was standing …kinda anyway … it had 2 broken legs.

  4. You know a moose once bit my sister…

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    My big idea:
    It’s like this big store where you can buy food. They would sell all kinds of stuff to eat.

  6. Hmmmm Derek could be onto something… I myself have recently had an idea regarding a website that posts pictures and videos of females having one curled into them in all manner of positions… I will only let ladies with heavy mascara and dead eyes take part.

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    I just needa find somon who has a whole buncha wire carts with wheels that people can put food into.

  8. ismayonnaiseaninstrument

    i’m going to make a site that lets people upload videos!

  9. I just… Why can’t people just pay attention in Geography?

  10. Oh such sweet irony that someone by the name of Sydney doesn’t know where Australia is…

  11. And, while we are on the subject, I know quite a few crafters. Maybe I should start a site where people sell their handmade items?

  12. I, for one, will associate with Derek to make people searcheable stuff too. So you can see where pipolz are and what they’re doing and they can put what’s on their mind and other peoples come and read it and comment it.
    Fuck you non-believers. We’ll rule tha netz.

  13. I live in Switzerland and am constantly enraged by my friends asking me “how’s Sweden?”. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

  14. Well besides the fact that she answered “Australia” she also answered with 4 countries instead of two. I wonder if her other three were Japan, Egypt, and Canada.

  15. comparethemeerkat

    Kamarate, that’s what happens when you sit on the fence…

  16. CommentsAtLarge


    I was thinking the other answers were: South Africa, Fork, and 7.

  17. I want to make a site in which people can mock stupid posts and bad spelling/grammar on another website

  18. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Hey! I have another big idea! We can have like little houses, but on wheels, so we can, like, go from one place to another in them. But I need someone to help me build them. Thanks!

  19. pandainspandex

    @manybellsdown- You made my day. I love you.

  20. Dear Derek, Sydney and Mason:
    On behalf of the LB community, I am begging you to just stop. Please, just stop. We will be pleased to see you do any one or more of the following things: go to school and learn about the world you live in, or jump off a cliff into a pool of toxic rainbow colored unicorn shit, or continually apologize for your existence for the rest of your lives. Admittedly, you do make us chuckle for about a second or two when we read your posts, but that mirth is short-lived and in the end leaves us with a semi-suppressed desire to tear something in pieces while wishing it was you.

    Thank you.

  21. @manybellsdown – Nice Monty Python reference! Made me smile 🙂

  22. Derek is definitley on to something. What a great idea! I’m so stealing it. I’m gonna be rich bitch!

  23. definitely*

  24. @Kamarate,
    I live in Switzerland too! You won’t believe how many times I’ve heard “oh you live in Switzerland, so do you speak swedish?”…

    The worst part is that trying to explain that we have 4 national languages, none of which are “swiss”, is more difficult than just nodding…

  25. Alitsia88 … I will make your words my own, completely!

    AT least this ones don’t think EUROPE is a country like most i’ve seen! =P

    @Llamabook , I’m portuguese.. so if you think you get angry cause ppl don’t know where switzerland is, ypu can imagine how i get when we get confused with spain… llooooooool

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