Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Excellent Observation

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  1. the second one is a win for sure.

  2. Mhm yes quite so. Jolly good show

  3. As you wish Jenny

  4. Obviously Jenny has never been pissed on.

  5. Where in the world are those Dislike buttons that John has?

  6. Ya, what the flying fuck ? Dislike button ? Anyone ever wonder, if there was one of those, how much more shit that would cause lol

  7. Those dislike buttons are extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Look for it in the Chrome Store, and while you’re there pick up the Troll Emoticons. They are hilarious.

  8. Ye gads, ToTheFlames DOES stink of noob. I’ve always imagined that noobs might smell of 4 days old crusty semen on a cotton towel, with a hint of old socks and model plane glue. How close am I, TTF?

  9. i do think that john makes an excellent point, though…

  10. Absolutely, LadyAngora; I had to spell it as “Chrisssmuss” in my status update so that it wasn’t sorted with the others. Also, I was drunk.

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