Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Extra! Extra!

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  1. It was the heat of the moment
    Telling me what your heart meant
    The heat of the moment shown in your eyes

    And now you find yourself in ’82
    The disco hotspots hold no charm for you
    You can’t concern yourself with bigger things
    You catch the pearl and ride the dragon’s wings

  2. …all curtisy aside.

  3. Haha poor Dominic

  4. 1. The syph is back it seems, I was getting tired of the herp.

    2. I would’ve thought elation, rather than depression in this case.

    3. Good way to clog the plumbing, embarrassing moments ahead when the plumber arrives.

    4. You knew that all along Dom, you just like to stick things in your ass.

  5. what is with some guys and being proud of their shits… its shit dude, nothing epic about it, ever

  6. When I have an epic poop, I like to exclaim “Holy shit!” before flushing. I don’t see how anybody could get depressed after such a feat. Beats having the syph

  7. If anyone else can’t remember how to spell “diarrhoea”, just remember this:

    Dash In A Real Rush – Hurry, Or Else Accident!

    Someone should tell Jazmine this.

    N.B. This doesn’t work in US English.

  8. MsBuzzkillington

    The first thing that comes to mind when I get diorhea is “Omg, I probably have an STD.”

    Glad I am not alone in this thought.

    All the more proof we need better sex education in schools.

  9. well she left out the parts where she had unprotected sex with some random guy and her cooter is itching

  10. I love it when people say “serious answers only guys” …. That only leads to trouble

  11. CommentsAtLarge


    Herp posts may be gone for now, but they will come back…

  12. I think it is possible to have postpartum depression after an epic poop, yes.

  13. anally?
    what the fuck, seriously? and why would you ever put that on FB?

  14. You did wrong Dom. You were supposed to force those pills into the external urethral opening at the head of your penis. And how can anyone enjoy the sight of a used tampon in a toilet? Come on now Louise….you know you enjoyed it.

  15. I had the opposite problem as Dominic. I learned what a suppository is from my box of jelly beans.

  16. thatgrrlkelsey

    hmm, I wonder if she means art projects or a man named Art?

  17. Lmao @ slimjayz. Thanks I needed that.

  18. Desolation Row

    Dominic,I see the confusion.It’s called analgesic…

  19. Vajay jay hahahaha

  20. I actually LOL’d at #2…but #4 gotta be fake, I post dumb crap like that all the time on FB just to make people smile 🙂

  21. @sabre…do you have your colleagues/family on fb??

  22. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    of course he does. that’s what makes it hmm… funny to him!

  23. I know its childish but, personally, I celebrate when I take an epic poop. I have an overwhelming need to dance around the toilet and bow before the god of all poops.

  24. All this poo talk just reminded me of this song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GuMXU_qGfU

  25. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @slippyslappy is that because you feel a few pounds lighter?

  26. Grammar Police

    I’m calling fake on the last one.

  27. No Jazmine but you can very easily diarrhoea when you’re really scared and honey i think that’s what’s happening here…serious!!

  28. Paranoid Android

    Ahh the stupidity of youth.

    I. Need. Alcohol.

  29. Tampons are not supposed to be flushed. They are supposed to be binned. Do people not know this?

  30. Isn’t the last one a version of a Scrubs joke?

  31. You win, Desolation Row.

  32. lol

  33. Louise knows the fine arts of public humiliation.

  34. rebarbativebecc

    Ugh Louise’s reminds me, I had a girls night at mine once and a few weeks later mum was going to put some loo rolls into the toilet roll pot (we hadn’t really used it for a while). She goes “what the hell is this?!” and I said “what?” she said “There’s something stuck to the bottom of the toilet roll pot!!”

    Someone had thought it was a bin (there was NO LINER) and put their used tampon in there wrapped in a bit of tissue. Disgusting.

    Next time I had something at mine I put signs above it saying “NOT A BIN”…not that we even use it anymore. *Shudder*.

  35. @Nantaise – of course 🙂 I’m told by friends/family that they actually look forward to the stupid nonsense I spew on FB. Better than bitchin about the gov’t and random crappy song lyrics that everyone else does…

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