Thursday, June 20, 2013

Facial Profiling

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  1. Damn. Now I’m crying.

  2. Someone needs to introduce Brittany to Occam’s razor.

  3. A regular razor blade may also do the trick.

  4. sleptwithghosts

    That’s the first time I’ve seen Occam’s razor spelled out.

  5. ^ I’ve never seen an abbreviation for Occam’s razor.

  6. Oh yes, the old picture of a cute dog to lure them in. Oldest trick in the book. If there wasn’t so many creepy old men luring girls with pictures of cute dogs then the world would be a better place.

  7. Well clearly Brittany doesn’t know Greg very well. He could’ve been one of those weirdos who just friends young girls.

  8. 🙁 I knew him well

  9. Crap. I’ve been found out.

  10. Paranoid Android72

    My profile picture is a collage of fluffy rabbits, lollipops and kittens.
    I got friend requests from several MP’s, high court judges and Bieber.

  11. That girl is an absolute cunt. Not normally a fan of the word but if anyone knows of a more apt one then please feel free. What a whore.

  12. Sounds like Brittany from “Community” is a real person!

  13. Crusty, perhaps bitch is a better word.

  14. I bet Brittany’s profile picture is that annoying cleavage shot that many girls do to get more “friends” and undoubtedly attract guys to her account.

    “Oh, ew, guys want to screw me so much on Facebook!”

  15. ^ You find cleavage to be annoying? I sure don’t.

  16. ^Beatus, I meant to say immodest photos. Cleavage shots are a common example.

  17. Bitch? Prissy high school teens use the word bitch, it’s completely lost its meaning. If someone offends you, makes you angry – fuck me let’s use a word that has some feeling and causes a bit of emotion!

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  19. This is based on life experience only and not necessarily knowing the details of this particular situation, but I’d bet that Greg’s dog died of a disease or illness that was caused by too much anal sex with Greg.

  20. ^um, and you’ve based that on life experience, you say?

  21. Sobchak, no.
    Just no.

  22. crustylovelips and beatus, I agree that cunt was the perfect word for Brittany.
    But you fucked it up by calling her a whore, crusty. Geez.

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