Monday, June 1, 2009

Props Too Dustin


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  1. That girl’s use of the word “to” and “too” is giving me diabetes.

  2. She also wrote “were” instead of “we’re,” “brothers” instead of “brothers’,” and misspelled “basketball.” I kind of hate her.

  3. I want to cunt-punch this bitch so hard that her grandchildren will have miscarriages.

  4. …..seeing as shes at her house, she could have just said it to her instead of posting a stupid wall post and ending up on lamebook for all the world to see and make fun of…

    that said…

    fucking doodle brain.

  5. So apparently the way to have the maximum amount of fun while hanging out with your best friend is to watch TV, eff around on Facebook, and talk on the phone with people other than your best friend, who is, you know, THERE WITH YOU. Simultaneously.

    Duly noted.

  6. I think we all have to give this a girl a perfect 10 out of 10. She somehow managed to misspell “to” or “too” every time she used it.

  7. Holy crap my head hurts. Can you say attention whore? “Look at me, look at me I have a friend!!!!!!11!!1!”

  8. i think this girl is actually saying that she and the friend at whose house she’s staying is talking on the phone to said friend…while writing a note on her wall and sitting on her bed at the same time.

    that may not be what she meant, but i’m pretty sure it’s what she said.

  9. Ugh, why do so many of the stupid bitches who land themselves on this site repeat the last letters of words? This one clearly learned from her parents’ bad example, but come on… Gamessss? Is she a snake?

  10. PennyLane “Is she a snake?” FTW.

  11. Why does Lamebook have to blur out the heroes’ names as well? I want to find Dustin and worship him.

  12. mmmmmmmm PANCHOS

  13. I think she’s at the friend’s house, but the friend isn’t there. Maybe whatever happened at Pancho’s sent her friend to the hospital and she’s just waiting for her to return. Pancho’s is a pretty rough taco stand!

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